Ty Dolla $ign Is Sober And Making Hits

By Kelly Burch 08/14/19

For his newest album, being clear-headed made a big difference, Ty Dolla $ign said in a recent interview with SPIN

Ty Dolla $ign

Ty Dolla $ign may not be a household name (yet), but the artist and producer has collaborated on some of the biggest hits in the music industry, working with everyone from Kanye to Christina Aguilera.

Since working with Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney on the 2015 song "FourFiveSeconds," Ty Dolla $ign has become one of the most well-respected producers in the industry. And he says it’s in part due to his newfound sobriety. 

For his newest album, being clear-headed made a big difference, Ty Dolla $ign (born Tyrone William Griffin Jr.) said in a recent interview with SPIN

“I stopped smoking weed. That was cool, to just completely just clear my head and write songs,” he said. “Before I would just go straight in the booth and freestyle everything and sometimes on this one, I wrote shit on my phone or on a piece of paper, tried to map it out harder.” 

Confidence Boost

As he got sober, Ty grew in his confidence, helped by one well-known rapper. 

“I had a meeting one time with Kanye and played him the album,” Ty said. “He was like, ‘Bro, nah. You need to do what you do. Add more bass, add more drums, add more… the real shit, that’s what no one else is doing.’ That conversation definitely inspired me and made me go back and go crazy with the live instruments.” 

Eventually, he does want to become a household name. 

“Every time you hear a record come on, you’re gonna know it’s me, automatic, just off of how it sounds. Just like what Timbaland’s done, Dr. Dre’s done, Metro Boomin. All the greatest.” 

Other Sober Musicians

Although the music industry is known for hard partying, many big-name musicians from Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler to Elton John have celebrated their sobriety. John recently celebrated 29 years sober

He posted a photo of his AA medallion on social media, saying, “29 years ago today, I was a broken man. I finally summoned up the courage to say 3 words that would change my life: ‘I need help.’ Thank you to all the selfless people who have helped me on my journey through sobriety. I am eternally grateful.”

Even rapper Lil Xan, whose stage name is a riff on the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, has detailed his efforts to get sober in part because of the overdose death of rapper Mac Miller. In July, he detailed he relapse, but said he is still determined to get clean.

“There’s no shame in relapsing it happens to anyone who goes through these issues,” he wrote in a social media post. “I’ve been feeling like death from withdrawals but I know once I’m sober I’ll feel amazing.”

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