mother and newborn baby in hospital, opioid dependent, not "addicted baby"
fake news
The "addicted baby" issue is not simply linguistic. You're not just contributing to stigma when you use this term, you're misrepresenting medical facts.
By Elizabeth Brico
Man lying in bed awake in the dark with digital clock reading 2:08, with sleep problems early recovery
wide awake
Most of us experience sleep problems in early recovery, leaving us cranky, unable to function effectively, irritable, and reaching for coffee and sugary foods for a quick boost. Lack of sleep can also put our recovery at risk.
By Olivia Pennelle
Woman sitting outdoors, thinking about microdosing marijuana
open mind
I got a nice buzz from microdosing marijuana, but a buzz no more intense than a glass of wine sipped slowly and on a reasonably full stomach. Despite this buzz, I had no craving for more pot and I did not pick up a drink.
By Tracy Chabala


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