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Man sitting with hands on knees, contemplating, in nature
Resilience can be developed. Many people have learned that firsthand this year, as they’ve had to build more resilience than they ever expected to need.
By The Fix staff
Girl staring out window with hand on window, sad.
When states and communities fail to provide children the services they need to live at home, kids can deteriorate and even wind up in jail.
By Christine Herman, Side Effects Public Media, Cory Turner, NPR, Rhitu Chatterjee, NPR
Masked pregnant woman gets the covid vaccine from masked health worker in a medical setting.
We are an immunologist and pharmacist. Here are some of the facts behind some of the common myths that we have heard about the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines from patients, friends and family members.
By Sarah Lynch, Kanneboyina Nagaraju


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