Woman in chair from back, bare shoulders, hands up, sex work in recovery
The idea that someone would pay to be around me when I had spent my life feeling worthless changed my self-perception forever.
By Aviva Ruse
Woman looking at paperwork, frowning, remembering to keep her side of the street clean in recovery.
When I’m on top of my 10th step game, it goes something like this: Sorry, my bad. How can I fix it? The apologies come easily, and I promptly follow up with offers to make up for all harms done. But I'm not always on top of my game.
By Maria Newsom
A group of people sit while one member stands, talking, AA meeting
The scientists at Yale liked what AA did, but they did not by any stretch think that AA was a cure-all for alcoholism. Neither, by the way, did Bill Wilson.
By John McMillian


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