Profile of woman sitting in the dark, depressed.
In addiction treatment circles, conventional wisdom suggests we have to let people hit rock bottom before we can help them. But what happens if rock bottom is dying from suicide?
By Kristance Harlow
Figure with suitcase walking away and through archway into colorful sky.
What it was like then: misery that had me researching the methods and means of suicide in the middle of the night on my cell phone, back turned to my husband, who was fast asleep, and to my children, asleep between us.
By Kerry Neville
Little girl looks over shoulder of man with eyes closed, holding a beer bottle.
When my dad drank, he folded in on himself and quietly disappeared. When this happened, I'd wait patiently for his return while dreaming up myriad ways to make his life better.
By Dawn Clancy


Will My Insurance Pay for Rehab?

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