Helping hand reaching out to woman with head in hands, offering harm reduction for opioid addiction
stay alive
There is overwhelming evidence that harm reduction keeps people alive and can bring them into recovery, yet it's still met with opposition. We ask four harm reduction workers what inspires them and what we can do to help.
By Olivia Pennelle
3 covers of new books by sober authors, writers in recovery
literary pursuits
If stress has been dogging you and your bandwidth is low, it’s okay to turn off your gadgets so you can refuel. Pick up a book instead and indulge in some battery-free entertainment. Here are 4 faves, all by sober writers.
By Dorri Olds
Jodee Prouse, the author. Celebrating the day of her brother's suicide
grief and joy
My brother passed away from suicide seven years ago today. Without realizing it, he taught me that you never know what someone else may be going through, so I try to be kind.
By Jodee Prouse


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