Mother and son sleep in bed, addicted mother
He has seen me, his addicted mother, disappear into the night on wobbly ankles, drunken feet; he has seen me fall. "I love you" is my answer, my promise that I will not die.
By Jowita Bydlowska
Woman praying over candles, deepening commitment to recovery
Haven’t we struggled through the dark in our addictions and now live inside truth’s illumination? So why not spend these weeks in spiritual reflection and renewing our commitment to recovery?
By Kerry Neville
Woman with sugar addiction, has upset face and "Help!" sign in front of plate with sweets.
In that first meeting I went to for my sugar addiction, I heard others admit to doing the same things I did. Sneaking. Lying. Throwing food in the bin to halt a binge only to come back later and fish it out to eat.
By Alicia King


Will My Insurance Pay for Rehab?

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