Mother sitting and touching shoulder of her upset daughter, addicted child in crisis
Our mission in life became to fix our son, get his life on track, keep him safe, and stop the madness. We became addicted to fixing our addict. In the meantime, my life was circling the proverbial drain and it was all my son’s fault… or was it?
By Kayce Stevens Hughlett
Sad businessman in prison due to breaking fentanyl drug laws
We might as well accept reality and direct our efforts towards making drugs less deadly, in the same way that we accept the risks of driving a car, but also try to prevent accidents.
By Tessie Castillo
Woman with hands in hands, denied medical care because of addiction stigma
help us
The doctor believed that people with addictions are sneaky and dishonest, and maybe this is why. My treatment has repeatedly been delayed or denied because I've been honest. Do other people have to lie to get medical care?
By Sara Moore


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