'Secret Life’ Of Hard-Partying USC Dean Exposed By Newspaper

By Victoria Kim 07/20/17

The prominent former USC dean's double life was unveiled in a recent exposé by the LA Times. 

Dr. Carmen Puliafito
Dr. Carmen Puliafito Photo via YouTube

The former dean of the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California worked hard—but played even harder.  

In a detailed exposé of Dr. Carmen Puliafito, the Los Angeles Times outed the dean for living a “secret life” when he wasn’t raising money and academic talent for the school. Puliafito—also a renowned eye surgeon highly regarded in the field of ophthalmology—loved to party.

Photos and videos shot in 2015 and 2016 obtained by the Times show the former dean enjoying meth and ecstasy with a cohort of “much younger” companions in hotel rooms, cars, apartments, and even Puliafito’s office at USC.

The Times caught on to Puliafito’s extracurricular activities after one particular incident—in which a 21-year-old woman, Sarah Warren, passed out while using gamma-hydroxybutyrate (known as the date rape drug GHB) in a Pasadena hotel room while partying with Puliafito.

Warren recovered in the hospital, but just six hours later was back at the hotel with Puliafito as if nothing had happened. According to a police report, meth was found at the hotel during the incident, but no arrests were made at the time.

A witness had filed an anonymous complaint about the hotel overdose to Pasadena authorities and USC officials, but when nothing came of it, they contacted the LA Times alerting the newspaper to Puliafito’s questionable conduct.

Just weeks after the incident, Puliafito resigned as dean of Keck. Puliafito has no criminal record nor issues with his medical license.

The dean met Warren when she was working as a sex worker in early 2015. Warren, now 22, illustrated how the two were “constant companions” for more than a year and a half.

Eventually the couple would spend much of their time getting high with a crew of likeminded people that included 39-year-old Don Stokes, who said Puliafito gave him meth while he was living in a sober home in Huntington Beach called New Life Spirit. 

The dean would provide the group with drugs and a place to stay, among other gifts, Stokes told the Times. He would even write them prescriptions for asthma inhalers so they could soothe their lungs from smoking meth and cannabis.

Both Warren and Stokes have since entered treatment for their drug use and said they have lost touch with Puliafito.

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