Morning Roundup: Nov. 20, 2018

By The Fix staff 11/20/18

How five chefs in recovery live one day at a time, Rhode Island prisons push best treatment for inmate opioid addiction, letting kids drink at home does not deter alcohol abuse.

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Don't start them early. Svyatoslav Lypynskyy |

How Five Chefs in Recovery Live One Day at a Time [Men's Health]
Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods), Sean Brock and more describe their personal stories of recovery. These chefs navigate recovery in an industry synonymous with late nights and long hours.

UK Experts: Letting Children Try Alcohol at Home Won't Deter Binge Drinking [Guardian]
Experts from the UK say that introducing kids to alcohol at home does not deter future alcohol abuse. Instead, they recommend keeping kids from drinking until the legal age. 

Police Say It's Harder to Test Drivers for THC [Michigan Radio]
Police say it is difficult to determine whether a driver is impaired by marijuana. The state is preparing to implement marijuana legalization, after it passed by ballot measure this past Election Day. 

Rhode Island Prisons Push to Get Inmates the Best Treatment for Opioid Addiction [NPR]
Rhode Island is the only state to screen every prison inmate for opioid use disorder and to offer medication-assisted treatment. By providing inmate support, state officials hope to break the cycle of drug abuse and crime. 

The College Student Mental Health Crisis: What's Behind the Rise in Reported Problems? [Psychology Today]
A psychology professor reports a dramatic increase in the demand for mental health services on college campuses. But are we seeing an "epidemic" of mental illness, or are changing attitudes toward mental health encouraging more people to seek help?

After a Lifetime on Streets or in Jail, One Man Rescued by New Kind of Housing [CBC]
The Salvus Clinic serves people who are homeless and struggling with mental illness or addiction. This example of "peer-supported housing" includes regular visits from clinic staff.  

In Recovery? Here Are Ways to Prepare for Thanksgiving Challenges [USA Today]
This Thanksgiving, be ready for any challenge. Experts weigh in on how to stay grounded in recovery during the hectic holidays. 

How Running 'Helped Me to Reach My Clean Sundays' [BBC]
People in recovery share how running inspired them to fight substance use disorder. "I was buzzing, a natural high. I did not know you could feel like that without drugs."  

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