Morning Roundup: June 10, 2019

By The Fix staff 06/10/19

Hollywood and drug abuse, sober performers share how they navigate Dallas nightlife, Sum 41's Deryck Whibley talks about coming back from his rock bottom.

No alcohol necessary. Raquelsfranca |

Exposing Hollywood's Not-So-Secret Opioid Epidemic: 'There Was So Much Drug Use' [Daily Beast]
Heath Ledger, Prince, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Lil Peep, and Anna Nicole Smith. A review of Fatal Addiction: Hollywood’s Secret Epidemic. 

Straight Edge: Performers Explain How They Stay Sober While Working the Nightlife Scene [Dallas Observer]
A comedian, a musician, an emcee and a rapper/magician share how they manage to stay sober as performers. "There is a certain amount of anxiety as a musician, and it can turn into self-loathing."

'I Lost My Spirit': Women at State Prison Fight Back Against Meth Addiction [Argus Leader]
About 98% of the inmates at the South Dakota Women's Prison in Pierre have a substance abuse problem. They're hoping to take back their lives.

Health Technology Designed to Engage with Depressive Disorders [Psychiatry Advisor]
How the growing field of health technology can transform the way we approach treating chronic illness such as major depression. There is a variety of approaches to mobile health technology that can cater to the individual.

Sum 41's Deryck Whibley on Hitting Rock Bottom and Staying Sober [Men's Health]
Ahead of the release of a new Sum 41 album, frontman Deryck Whibley chatted with Men's Health about how his drinking spiraled out of control, and how he regained his health through recovery and is feeling stronger than ever.

Thunder Bay Woman Launches Blog Sharing Stories of Recovery from Addiction [CBC]
Katrina Desjardine's blog features stories of people she's met through her own recovery journey. "I just wanted [to showcase] all the good that I see from going to meetings and seeing people who are thriving and doing better."

No Alcohol, No Problem: Southold Yoga Studio Hosts 'Sober Socials' [Northforker]
The Giving Room in Southold, Long Island is hosting weekly Sober Juice Socials, serving up locally-sourced "mocktails." "It is a place where people can gather without feeling like they're missing out socially."

Moving Past Addiction, Billy Walsh Is Co-Writing Smash Hits & Styling Stars [Billboard]
Songwriter, designer, and personal stylist Billy Walsh has a rather impressive resume. But he says, "The real story of my life is one of recovery."

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