Morning Roundup: July 18, 2019

By The Fix staff 07/18/19

Johnson & Johnson trial may result in first company held accountable for drug crisis. DEA pain pill database made public. New York raises legal tobacco buying age.

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Will Johnson & Johnson be held accountable for fueling the opioid crisis? ID 80760483 © Vadim Ginzburg |

Trial Wraps in Oklahoma's Opioid Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson [NPR]
Oklahoma's attorney general made the state's case against Johnson & Johnson, who they claim orchestrated a "cunning, cynical and deceitful scheme" to aggressively market opioid drugs. A ruling is expected by the end of summer.

CNBC's New Vaping Documentary Offers Compelling View of Phenomenon [Forbes]
The documentary Vaporized: America's E-Cigarette Addiction has sparked conversation about the rising popularity of e-cigarettes in the U.S. This "riveting" report is "not to be missed," according to this review.

Former Mets Ace Dwight Gooden Arrested on Cocaine Possession [NBC News]
Baseball great Dwight Gooden, who has a history of substance abuse, was found with baggies of "suspected cocaine" according to New Jersey police. He faces a maximum sentence of five years if convicted.

Five Takeaways from the DEA's Pain Pill Database [Washington Post]
A DEA database tracking the path of 'every single pain pill sold in the United States' has been made public. Among the biggest takeaways: just six companies distributed 75% of the oxycodone and hydrocodone in a six-year period. 

New York Raises Legal Age to Buy Tobacco, E-Cigarettes [The Hill]
The legal age to purchase tobacco products and e-cigarettes is now 21 in the state of New York. The new law will go into effect in November.

Creed Frontman Scott Stapp Pays Homage to Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington [ABC News]
Scott Stapp's new album The Space Between the Shadows pays tribute to fellow rock vocalists Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. "Man, that very, very easily could've been and should've been me."

Civil Asset Forfeiture Doesn't Discourage Drug Use or Help Police Solve Crimes, Study Concludes [Pioneer Press]
"Civil asset forfeiture is based on the premise that a piece of property can be guilty of a crime." The federal Justice Department has seized more than $27 billion from the American people using this practice since 2001.

Music Festival Drug Overdose Victim Thought He Could 'Push Through It' [Guardian]
Callum Brosnan died of MDMA and cocaine toxicity in December 2018. The 19-year-old ingested between six and nine capsules at a music festival.

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