Mother Posts Photos of Daughter In Hospital After Near-Fatal Drinking Binge

By McCarton Ackerman 09/29/14

Taylor Nelson was found unconscious after raiding her father's liquor cabinet.

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via Facebook

A mother who nearly lost her teenage daughter to a binge drinking session back in March posted chilling photos from her hospital bed in the hopes of warning other parents about the dangers of excess alcohol consumption.

Minnesota native Kellie Jo Nelson posted a photo of an unconscious 16-year-old Taylor Nelson with tubes sticking out of her throat. Taylor was found passed out by her father on March 7 after raiding his liquor cabinet for two hours. During that time, she drank two beers, six shots, and several liquor-soaked blueberries. When Taylor arrived at the hospital, her blood alcohol level was five times the legal limit and she was placed on a ventilator for 13 hours because she was unable to breathe on her own.

“We, by the Grace of God alone, will not be burying our child this week. But only because we are extremely blessed. And extremely lucky,” wrote Kellie Jo in a Facebook post that has since been shared 750,000 times. “I hope my daughter and my niece understand how fortunate they both are. I hope they learned a valuable lesson in this. And I hope this experience shared can help prevent another child losing her life to alcohol.”

Kellie Jo isn’t the only parent who has used Facebook to warn others about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Last February, British mother Nikki Hunter drunk-shamed her son by posting a photo of him passed out on the couch and covered in vomit after he drank three bottles of liquor during an online drinking game. Nineteen-year-old Kieran had downed a potentially deadly mixture of vodka, whiskey, Bacardi, Southern Comfort, and sherry.

Earlier this week, a father in Denver posted a photo of his 17-year-old daughter hooked up to tubes in a hospital bed. She had taken a bad batch of Molly at an electronic dance music festival last weekend. “This could be your child,” wrote Keith Roehm. “Mine was responsible and did well in school. These raves are death peddlers.”

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