Mom Posts Facebook Photo of Drunk Son Covered In Vomit

By McCarton Ackerman 02/20/14

Nikki Hunter drunk-shamed her son after he downed a ridiculous amount of booze while taking part in the neknominate craze.

The results of neknomination. Photo via

A British mother attempted to stop the reckless drinking habits of her son by posting a photo to Facebook of him passed out and covered in vomit. Nikki Hunter posted the photos after discovering her 19-year-old son, Kieran, had downed three bottles of liquor as part of an online drinking game craze called neknominate. The game requires participants to down a pint of an alcoholic beverage in one gulp and post the footage to the web, then nominate two other people to do the same. Kieran had downed a potentially deadly mixture of vodka, whiskey, Bacardi, Southern Comfort, and sherry.

After placing her son in the recovery position, Nikki posted the photo of him as a warning to others. “It was horrendous. He could have died,” she said. “I dragged him into the bath and hosed him down and he kept saying ‘sorry mum.’ I gave him a talking to when he woke up this morning and told him I’d put the picture on Facebook to embarrass him so he wouldn’t do it again. Other parents and kids need to know how dangerous this is.”

Four deaths throughout the U.K. and Ireland as a result of neknominate have been recorded, leading alcohol abuse awareness groups throughout the two countries to call for a stop to the game. Keiran has also since acknowledged that his behavior was reckless and potentially deadly. “When I woke up, I got a good telling off. I had a major hangover and a load of abuse on Facebook,” he said. “I was really stupid. If I’d known people had died from doing it, I wouldn’t have done it in the first place.”

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