Victorious Romney Keeps Dodging Drug Questions

By Luke Walker 01/11/12

The New Hampshire winner regularly muddies the waters when he's asked about his drug policies.

Mitt Romney: really never inhaled Photo via

Mitt Romney, whose clear victory in the New Hampshire primary leaves him heavy favorite for the 2012 Republican nomination, has carried on dodging drug questions for all he's worth. Students for Sensible Drug Policy, a nationwide advocacy group repeatedly tried to drill the republican candidates on their drug policies in New Hampshire. On three separate occasions Romney avoided giving a straight answer—and at other times even conceded that he had no position. On Monday, a student with SSDP asked Romney if he thought the drug war was working. Romney's response? “It’s a long question that deserves a full answer, and not just in a photo line like this. “So come look on my website. You’ll see my answer.”  On no mention of an answer to the question could be found, only a transcript of a vaguely-relevant October speech. Last week, asked whether he thought patients using medical marijuana should be arrested, he gave an answer of blinding clarity, describing himself as “in favor of having the law not allow illegal marijuana.” Romney's position has previously been asserted as favoring enforcement and prosecution, ramping up the war on drugs and intervening in states that try to allow MMJ. Why is he so reluctant to confirm that?  

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