Lana Del Rey Got Clean, Too

By May Wilkerson 04/30/12

After releasing a crystal-meth-themed video, the indie pop singer tells the Internet: "I got clean, too."

Lana gets real. Photo via

Indie pop phenomenon Lana Del Rey has been criticized for her alleged inauthenticity. But a recent online admission by the 25-year-old singer reveals that she's not only human—but may have been addicted to crystal meth. Since releasing a new music video for her latest song "Carmen" (below, about a teenage addict), Del Rey has written a YouTube comment suggesting that she has struggled with addiction—and her words have reverberated through the Internet universe. In the video, grainy footage of the singer has been spliced with hallucinogenic imagery, and scientific video showing the effects of crystal meth on the brain, as well as a sound clip asking: “How does meth change our brains?” The song tells the story of a teen addict ("Lying to herself 'cause her liquor's top shelf") and is labeled as a "biopic". But most telling is a brief dialogue between Del Rey and a commenter on the video, who writes:

"My best friend in the world just got clean off meth a few months ago, and when I showed her this song we realized this song hit such a soft spot for both of us … I wish I could meet Lana and tell her how her music affected us, but I know she’ll never see this. Love her."

The singer replies: “I see you. Love you. I got clean too, so I know how it goes.”

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