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This free social networking site for the recovery community boasts the world's largest online AA, NA and Al-Anon groups.

A global recovery experience

Are you looking to enhance your recovery from addiction? There's a place to seek help, discover new friends, find old friends, locate a meeting, attend a live online video meeting, learn more about recovery and much more... is just that place! (ITR), is the premier FREE online social network (similar to Facebook) dedicated to the global recovery community. It serves those seeking help, people already in recovery and family, friends and allies of recovery worldwide. The mission is to enhance traditional 12-step and other programs by offering a place for like-minded people to share interests, passions and hobbies. Our mantra is H.I.T.C.H.—Help, Inform, Touch, Connect and Heal. doesn’t replace face-to-face fellowship meetings; rather, it’s the place to come and socialize the other 23 hours a day, to connect with other recovering people around the world. ITR transcends the boundaries of all 12-step fellowships socially, while keeping the integrity of each intact by having 17 different groups represented, including AA, NA, Al-anon, OA, GA, SLAA and more. We have the largest online AA (117,000+ members), NA (95,000+) and Al-Anon (12,000+) groups in the world. All of these people can together experience a vast array of tools to expand the recovery experience and social connectedness.

ITR is the pioneer of live online video meetings: and There are 71 weekly meetings to choose from. We also have a Global Geo-Locatable Meeting list for AA, NA, GA and OA—plus, two free iPhone Apps, a Speaker Tape Library, daily e-mediations, weekly Hitch newsletters, blogs, discussions, forums, chat rooms, affinity groups and much, much more. Come and join over a quarter of million new friends who you can identify with at!

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