Courtney Love: "Mountain Lion Ate Frances Bean's Cat"

By The Fix staff 02/14/12

Courtney Love bizarrely lashes out against allegations revealed in news-making e-book, Courtney Comes Clean.

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Responding to a barrage of media attention spurred by the January 31 publication of The Fix's new ebook, Courtney Love has launched a bitter Twitter counter-attack, blaming a mountain lion for killing her daughter's cat, and savaging a host of her attorneys and associates for allegedly leaking sealed deposition papers that Frances filed against her in 2009. The depositions, published in Courtney Comes Clean—which is written by Fix editor-in-chief Maer Roshan and is the first in a series Fix e-books published by Barnes and Noble's Sterling Publishing Co, Inc—include never-before revealed allegations by Frances Bean Cobain in support of a temporary restraining order still in effect against Love. In a sworn statement, Frances, then 17, exposed the toll Love's alleged addictions to prescription pills were having on their turbulent relationship. She claimed that Love's hoarding of fabrics and refuse had killed her cat, and that her scattered pills caused the death of her dog. 

In an angry statement published in last Saturday's New York Post, Love's lawyer, James Janowitz, fumed that the details of the deposition were completely false, and threatened The Fix with a lawsuit if he discovered that the sealed deposition papers were illegally obtained. (Roshan insists that he received the depositions from a source close to the singer, and did not violate any privacy prohibitions.)

Among other revelations in the book was the existence of Love's two dueling Twitter accounts, dubbed by friends as "Good Courtney" and "Bad Courtney."  Good Courtney, published under the Twitter handle @Courtney, is written by a press-friendly employee, hired by Love's management to serve as a friendly counterpoint to her more hostile Twitter rants. But the real Courtney still holds forth on a private account, @Cbabymichelle, where she rails against a host of enemies and her "cloying" Twitter counterpart at  @Courtney.

Days after the book appeared, @Cbabymichelle maintained a strange silence. But she was soon back to fighting form. "I'm a kitty killer!" she tweeted. "Who puts such an unjudged piece of trash in a madman's hands?" Outraged by the allegations, she accused a wide number of associates of leaking the documents, including Chelsea Handler, the girlfriend of Courtney's ex, hotelier  Andre Balasz. More surprisingly, another of her targets was lawyer Jim Janowitz, who had risen to her defense in the Post.  Eventually, however, she decided the culprit was one of Frances' lawyers.

But Love reserved her greatest outrage for the charges that she'd killed her daughter's cat. Denying that the pet had died in a pile of her belongings, she claimed that it had actually been killed by a mountain lion who roamed down from the Hollywood Hills. ("It was a mountain lion that killed Peabody!!") Moreover, she continued, the cat, Peabody, belonged to her, not to Frances.

Despite Janowitz's dire warnings, no legal action has so far been taken against Roshan or The Fix. Responding to the threatened charges, Frank Dehn, an attorney for The Fix, was nonplussed. "I'm not sure who they want to take action against but presumably it's not us, since we have a first amendment right to publish what we learned about her. Her daughter's testimony was part of a judicial proceeding, and our reportage merely added nuance and detail to a profile of a complex and fascinating woman who has long lived her life in public view."

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