Brigitte Nielsen: "A Relapse Can Happen"

By McCarton Ackerman 08/09/12

The Celebrity Rehab star speaks out about her recent, highly-publicized relapse.

Nielsen needed a moment to herself.
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Celebrity Rehab star Brigitte Nielsen has spoken out about the alarming photos released over the weekend of her drinking vodka and stumbling drunk around an LA park. She told Entertainment Tonight that while the incident was definitely a relapse, there is "no cause for alarm" from fans. She cited the stress of a non-stop work schedule and major health issues in her family to leading up to the highly public incident, but made it clear that it was not part of a pattern of similar behavior. “At that moment in time, I felt like I needed a moment to myself, in a park," she said. "The vodka came about as a desperate move to try to release some pressure and is under no circumstances an indication of how I lead my life on a day to day basis. It’s a very sad situation, but, you know, a relapse can happen... Life goes on and you have to press on, learn from your mistakes, deal with the issue.” The Danish former model and actress appeared on the first season of Celebrity Rehab in 2007 to address her alcoholism, which she had been struggling with for well over a decade. She confirmed that Dr. Drew has been in touch with her since the photos surfaced and invited her back to the Pasadena Recovery Center for an off-camera stint in treatment.

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