Angelica Cecora Launches De La Hoya Case

By Luke Walker 01/26/12

The Playboy model sues Oscar De La Hoya for holding her against her will after a hotel drug and sex romp.

Angelica Cecora Launches De La Hoya Case

The case brought against multiple heavyweight boxing champ and addict Oscar De La Hoya by Playboy model Angelica Marie Cecora has officially commenced. In addition to an apology, 25-year-old Cercora seeks the small matter of $5 million in compensatory damages. Stopping short of a rape accusation, she accuses the ultra-kinky cross-dresser, 38, of holding her against her will at the Ritz-Carlton on Central Park South late last year and stiffing her on a $1,500 room service bill, following a night of sex, rectally-administered cocaine and transvestite masquerade. "It would be nice to start with an apology," says Cercora, who claims she felt taken advantage of and physically threatened by De La Hoya. “Oscar needs to acknowledge his mistakes—he knows he did something wrong.”

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