Oscar De La Hoya "Took Blow Below the Belt"

By Luke Walker 11/21/11

More sex and drug allegations dog the former boxing champ, who came clean on his addictions this summer.

Angelica Marie Cecora was taken aback.
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Former multiple boxing champ Oscar De la Hoya—who came clean about his alcohol and cocaine addictions, cross-dressing and infidelities earlier this year—apparently took his cocaine in an unusual way. Angelica Marie Cecora, a model and one-time confidante of Oscar De la Hoya, tells the NY Post, "He indicated he wanted [the powder administered rectally]." This followed some "cocaine-fueled confessions" during what the Post terms a "kinky romp" at New York's Ritz Carlton Hotel. Cecora, who has filed suit against De la Hoya alleging he forced himself on her and another woman last March, says she felt victimized by the Golden Boy. “He took advantage of me. I wanted to stop him from doing this to other people.” Most experienced drug users would attest that the backdoor isn't the standard orifice for using blow. But some, like De la Hoya and Stevie Nicks, whose decades-old urban legend of butt-blow abuse persists to this day, may buck the trend.

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