Chris Brown And Lil Wayne Targeted in Federal Drug Investigation

By Bryan Le 04/10/17

Some incriminating text messages may have just landed the two controversial artists in some hot water with the feds.

Chris Brown and Lil Wayne are in for a surprise.

It may be time for Chris Brown and Lil Wayne to face the(ir own) music—both artists have been named in a federal drug investigation of Miami music producer Harrison "Cuban Harry" Garcia, who stands accused of dealing cough syrup and other narcotics.

Garcia allegedly sent incriminating texts that have implicated himself, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne in drug dealing.

Authorities presented screenshots of texts from Garcia to one of Lil Wayne’s underlings that refer to a marijuana deal: “I’ll shoot u some trees… It’s for Wayne.” He also admitted to police that he sold “a lot of narcotics” to Wayne.

Garcia also allegedly texted a female friend of his, bragging and attaching a screenshot of a bank wire for $15,000 from one “Christopher Brown,” according to U.S. Homeland Security.

"Look who put money my account,” Garcia wrote to his friend. When this friend asked what the money was for, Garcia replied “Drugs ... lean and sh*t."

Lean, also known as “purple drank” and “sizzurp," is a cocktail made of prescription-strength cough syrup mixed with Sprite or Mountain Dew and Jolly Rancher candy. It has been popularized by rappers like Lil Wayne and R&B singer Chris Brown. Both artists have ran into trouble with the drug cocktail themselves—Lil Wayne suffered seizures and Chris Brown’s associates allege he is sipping his way to rock bottom.

Garcia, on his Instagram account muhammad_a_lean, is seen hanging out with Brown and Wayne as well as showing off stacks of cash, guns and drugs, which was what attracted the attention of federal investigators in the first place. Homeland Security agent Geoffrey Goodwin presented the photos to the jury that featured piles of gold jewelry, a pendant featuring purple liquid in a foam cup (what lean is typically slurped from) and teeth grillz that were “somewhat bejeweled, so to speak.”

"I had an image to portray, to boost up my followers,” Garcia said in court, explaining the photos. “I guess it’s just the music industry.”

Garcia has been caught selling drugs to informants twice and has been arrested for his involvement in pharmacy robberies in Florida. The investigation is still open.

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