Chris Brown Denies He's On the Way to Hitting Bottom

By Bryan Le 03/06/17

Former members of Brown's staff allege that the singer is abusing MDMA, cocaine, lean and marijuana.

Chris Brown at the 2015 BET Awards
Just fine, he claims.

Singer Chris Brown took to Instagram to rebuke allegations by sources close to him that he is losing his grip on his drug use and mental health. 

“I’m tired of reading about some sh– soon as I’ve got something popping,” he wrote on Instagram. “Soon as I want to promote a tour, a party, a f—ing album, anything, y’all bring up something.”

In a report by Billboard, former employees allege that Brown was commonly found passed out on his couch after binges of MDMA or cocaine, and afterwards sipping lean for the comedown. He’d then wake up the next day and smoke pot. One of his security guards stayed up late to keep tabs on Brown’s pulse.

#ChrisBrown denies claims he has anger and drug issues

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“There is always someone who wants to take care of Chris Brown,” a former employee tells Billboard. “For some reason, Team Breezy fans are still strong and still behind him.”

Another former staffer suspects Brown’s behavior is due to unresolved regrets—likely including his highly publicized physical assaults on his ex-girlfriends, including singer Rihanna—and that Brown is on the way to hitting bottom.

“He doesn’t know how to deal with the sins of the past,” the source continued. “It’s always someone else’s fault. He becomes the victim. And I think he tries to numb whatever he is feeling.”

Brown was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder, but allegedly has since stopped taking his medications in favor of self-medication.

A string of incidents seems to back up claims that Brown has anger issues. Aside from his well-known abuse case with Rihanna, the singer has been accused of assaulting his manager Michael Guirguis and brandishing a gun at actress Baylee Curran. Another ex-girlfriend of his has also filed a restraining order claiming that Brown physically abused her and made death threats to her.

The singer also has his share of enablers, including a number of women on Twitter who said they would tolerate Brown’s physical abuse for a chance to be with him. “Like I’ve said multiple times before,” one woman tweeted, “Chris Brown can beat me all he wants… I’d do anything to have him oh my”

But Brown himself seems to brush off these accusations on his Instagram post: “My weed and my work. That’s all I need.”

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