'Cannibal' Bath Salts Have Arrived In The U.K.

By McCarton Ackerman 02/23/16

Blue mephedrone, also known as bath salts, has become a headline-making drug due to its bizarre and dangerous side effects.

'Cannibal' Bath Salts Have Arrived In The U.K.
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Blue mephedrone, also more commonly known as Blue Star or bath salts, is a combination of banned mephedrone and other unknown substances. Due to a shortage of regular mephedrone in London, it’s now becoming a popular alternative throughout the country. Blue mephedrone is commonly snorted, but medical experts are warning that the extreme side effects can include violent and uncontrollable frenzies.

“I would advise against Blue,” wrote one poster on the drug forum bluelight.org. “Bad reaction for someone I know: tremors, swelling, veins in hand went bigger and red for a good hour or so, slight hallucinations. Just wanted to warn people.”

However, several British outlets are also inaccurately reporting that the drug was responsible for the infamous Miami cannibal attack in May 2012, which saw Rudy Eugene attack and chew on the face of homeless resident Ronald Poppo before being shot and killed by police. It was initially believed that Eugene was under the influence of bath salts, but toxicology results after his death showed that he only had marijuana in his system.

Bath salts have been responsible for other bizarre attack. In July 2014, a viral video showed a British man in Mallorca, Spain, being restrained by 10 cops after biting tourists while high on a bath salts product called Cannibal. The 28-year-old was chasing and biting random tourists on a beach in Magaluf before police arrived on the scene. After he attempted to bite ambulance staff, a swarm of officers handcuffed and restrained him as he screamed in a primal manner. He later admitted to authorities that he had taken a “load of drugs.”

In a separate biting incident that summer, a British tourist high on the drug needed to be restrained by eight officers after attempting to bite a policeman. Four people in Ibiza were also hospitalized that summer after taking Cannibal.

And in June 2012, a homeless Miami man was was under the influence of bath salts as he tried to bite off a police officer’s hand. Brandon DeLeon, 21, slammed his head against the plexiglass of a patrol car and declared “I’m going to eat you” to the officer trying to arrest him. He was eventually placed in leg restraints and a bite mask after growling and trying to bite the officers who were tending to his wounds. DeLeon later told a judge that he had no recollection of what happened that night.

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