British Man Restrained By 10 Cops After Biting Beachgoers While High On 'Cannibal'

By McCarton Ackerman 07/14/14

An unidentified tourist told police he took a 'load of drugs' that triggered a violent reaction.

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A disturbing new viral video shows a British man needing to be restrained by 10 cops after biting tourists while high on the drug “Cannibal.”

The 28-year-old man, whose name has not been revealed publicly, was reportedly trying to bite random bathers on a beach in Magaluf, located in the Spanish destination of Mallorca. As tourists began fleeing the scene, ten police officers restrained and handcuffed the man after he attempted to bite ambulance staff. The video shows him screaming at police in a primal manner before being secured to a stretcher and carried to an ambulance. He later admitted to authorities that he had taken a “load of drugs.”

Cannibal, sold over the internet as bath salts, is known for causing extreme aggressiveness and has been causing havoc in Ibiza in recent weeks. In a separate biting incident, a British tourist high on the drug needed to be restrained by eight officers after attempting to bite a policeman. Four people in Ibiza have also been hospitalized this summer from taking Cannibal.

Detectives in Ibiza believe that the drug is mainly being sold in nightclubs after a large shipment arrived on the islands and that it is mainly being consumed around the party resort of San Antonio. Despite this, Ibiza’s chief anti-drugs officers Alberto Arean remained optimistic that the large batch of Cannibal was a one-off and “has now been consumed.”

Bath salts were blamed for the horrific 2012 attack in Florida on homeless man Ronald Poppo. He was savagely beaten and then had three-quarters of his face eaten by fellow homeless man Rudy Eugene, who was eventually shot dead by police. An autopsy later confirmed that only traces of marijuana were in Eugene’s system and that bath salts were not responsible for the attack.

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