Bam Margera Discusses DUI, Rehab

By David Konow 08/07/18

After attending a Jackass reunion earlier this year, Margera says he had "the pleasure of getting a DUI" which led to him entering treatment for a month.

Bam Margera
Photo via YouTube

Back in January, pro-skating star and Jackass alumni Bam Margera was arrested for driving under the influenceTMZ reported that Margera was sentenced for his DUI in April, where in lieu of jail time he was given three years of probation, and had to attend mandatory alcohol programs and AA meetings. 

Margera subsequently checked into rehab about a week after his DUI arrest. He recently opened up to Revolver about his DUI, rehab, and smoking weed with Snoop Dogg.

“Last fall, I attended a surprise Jackass reunion at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in Hollywood where, as you can imagine, the beers flowed all night,” he says. “Long story short, as I drove away from the party, not knowing where I was headed, I pulled over to try and figure it out. That’s when I noticed the police lights behind me. I was like, ‘Fuck, I’m pulled over.’ As it turned out, the police had actually pulled someone else over right behind me, and then came to my car to see why I was just sitting there. So yeah, I had the pleasure of getting a DUI that night that led to my being in a treatment center for a month.”

Before he got busted, Margera spent time in Estonia and Spain to get back in shape and stay away from the temptation to party.

“I think the catalyst was when I stepped on a scale after a fucking drinking bender and I was 230 pounds. So I flew myself to Estonia, to the middle of the fucking woods in a log cabin for six months. I was on a full-blown Rocky Balboa mission to hike and bike and get myself in shape just to be able to skate.”

Still, opportunity knocked and Margera was caught by the paparazzi peeing on a tree after getting loaded at a bar. After that incident, “I actually went the longest time without drinking until I went to the surprise Jackass reunion party.”

After being charged with a DUI, Margera spent time at a treatment center in Venice, California where he “did the family therapy thing with my mom.” 

Margera was asked by Revolver if he indulged in any legal California weed post-rehab. “I don’t do well with weed ever since I smoked some with Snoop Dogg,” he laughed.

After one puff of Snoop's "Purple Bin Laden" weed, Margera said he was “instantly transformed into a zombie… I ended up climbing into a fucking bush outside the tour bus, missed the entire show, and just laid there, staring at the moon all night. So yeah, no more weed for me.”

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