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Gwyneth Paltrow's Kids Are iPad Addicts

The actress fears her kids' tech addictions are ruining their creative development.


The first step is admitting your kids have a
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By Bryan Le


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Even the most famous kids in the world are not immune to the global grip of technology addictionIron Man star and hangover guru Gwyneth Paltrow says her kids are "addicted" to their iPads. “They’re luckier in that we’re all consciously moving towards more awareness and acceptance but we’re also moving towards a very isolated environment," says Paltrow, "my kids are on their fucking iPads all the time.” Eight-year-old Apple and six-year-old Moses apparently spend so much time on their Apple tablets, Paltrow worries their imaginations and creative development are at stake. “It’s difficult, because it’s a very isolating thing and it also puts forward so much information. So it’s not like a book when you’re filling in the pictures with your mind, it’s very presentational," she says. "We need imagination in our lives as room to grow. I don’t think it’s great for development.” But the 40-year-old actress herself is not resistant to the pull of internet technology, and once admitted that playing Plants vs. Zombies on her iPad is an "obsession that I have to limit like crazy!" Luckily for Paltrow, her kids helps her examine her own habits. "[My kids] teach me so much about myself and what I still have to learn," she says, "and then you see your faults in them and you think, ‘Wow, I’ve got work to do on myself.'"

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