YouTube Threatens Recovery & Drug Education Vlogger CG Kid

By Victoria Kim 02/23/18

CG Kid dedicates his content to educating people about addiction but now his channel could be shuttered thanks to a censorship sweep. 

Recovery vlogger CG Kid
Recovery vlogger CG Kid Photo via YouTube

Update: The CG Kid's YouTube channel is here to stay. The vlogger announced Thursday that his videos are no longer flagged by YouTube, and he will continue to share drug education and his personal recovery with viewers.

The popular recovery vlogger known as the CG Kid, aka Philip Markoff, is preparing to have his YouTube channel shut down, as the video-sharing website cracks down on harmful and dangerous content.

However, CG Kid, short for Crazy Ginger Kid, is not a threat of any kind. Markoff explained to WFAA that his videos were caught in a “censorship algorithm” used by YouTube to detect videos that mention certain keywords including the array of illegal drugs that he addresses on his channel.

Markoff, a full-time digital marketing specialist by day, covers a range of topics about drugs and recovery, including his own. His personal experiences inform videos explaining what it’s like to use cannabis, DMT, and more, as well as his videos that cover a range of recovery topics including “What’s sobriety like after drug addiction?” and “The biggest problem I see with drug addiction treatment.”

He dedicates his content to helping people “understand addiction and why these substances are dangerous, in a way that’s not overly demonizing them but not glamorizing them, just giving people the truth,” he said.

In one video, Markoff interviews his mother Nancy on how his drug use affected his family.

Perhaps the most engaging aspect of the CG Kid YouTube channel is Markoff’s willingness to make himself available to anyone in need of recovery support; he lists his contact information on every video.

It’s a two-way street. “You guys help me stay sober more than I help you get sober,” he said in one video. “You guys inspire my sobriety.” 

His videos are clearly educational in nature, but YouTube’s censorship sweep failed to take this into consideration. “It just doesn’t seem fair when there’s a lot of videos with far more stuff that violates the guidelines,” said Markoff.

Two of his videos have already been flagged by YouTube for encouraging dangerous or illegal activities; one more and his channel could get shut down. Markoff is already preparing to relocate his content to his own website “It’s imminent that this channel is going to get terminated,” he said in a recent video. “I feel like this platform has robbed free speech.”

If or when his channel is finally shut down, his followers can register and create a profile, post on forums, and network with others on They can also keep in touch via his Facebook group, Shameless Protocol.

Markoff isn’t about to give up. He’ll continue to dedicate himself to showing others that “sobriety is possible,” he told WFAA. “Spreading that awareness I think is critical… To let them know that you’ve been there and then offer a hand to help or give them some kind of hope that it is possible to stay sober.”

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