Women Prefer Guys Who Drink & Smoke For Casual Flings

By Brian Whitney 05/11/16

A recent study revealed why young women are more likely to have a fling with young men who drink and smoke. 

Women Prefer Guys Who Drink & Smoke For Casual Flings
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What do women seek in a relationship? Is it looks, kindness, a good sense of humor, a nice set of abs, or maybe even financial stability? 

When it comes to what women seek in a mate, usually, a guy who is a drinker and smoker is not at the top of the list. In fact, when thinking of a potential husband, women tend to eschew guys that drink heavily and smoke a lot of cigarettes, and for good reason. But does the same apply to women who want something more casual and short-term?

Well, apparently not. When it comes to short-term relationships, bad boys rule. While your prospects with the opposite sex may suffer over the course of your life, if you are a drinker or a smoker, in the short term, it just might help you meet the lady of your dreams. Assuming that means you never want to see the lady of your dreams again.

According to new research published in Evolutionary Psychology, young men who smoke and drink are more attractive to women than their more clean-cut counterparts as short-term partners. This is not because women like a man who drinks like a fish or smells like smoke, but because it may signal the man’s willingness to engage in risky behaviors, such as being more “short-term oriented in their sexuality.”

Researcher Eveline Vincke of Ghent University in Belgium surveyed 239 young women to determine what they thought of young men that drink and smoke. The female participants said that men were more attractive as short-term partners if they were occasional smokers, or if they were occasional or heavy drinkers.

Ghent told The Fix over an email interview: “With this study, I wished to shed some light on the question why young men willingly engage in smoking and drinking behavior despite being aware of the harmful consequences. Women perceive young men who smoke as interested in casual sexual encounters and short-term relationships, more so than non-smokers. Similarly, men who drink frequently give the impression of being more unrestricted in their sexuality, whereas occasional drinkers and non-drinkers appear open to committed, long-term relationships.”

So, have you been doing it all wrong? Not so. While this may be depressing to some of you, fear not, as non-smokers and men that do not drink or that drink moderately were found to be more attractive as long-term relationship partners.

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