Woman Who Overcame Heroin And Meth Addiction Goes Viral After Sharing Before And After Photos

By Britni de la Cretaz 12/29/16

The Fix spoke with Dejah Hall about her struggle with addiction and her viral Facebook post.

Dejah Hall's viral before and after photos
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A former heroin and meth user is going viral for a wonderful reason: the picture she posted of her incredible transformation from addiction to recovery is being shared all over social media. Dejah Hall, 26, posted the photo to Instagram on Dec. 6, in honor of her four-year sobriety anniversary. It was shared to Facebook by the page “Love What Matters” last week, where it quickly gained traction.

"Today marks 4 years clean from heroin and meth,” the post reads. “The top left is me in full blown addiction, I was a terrible IV user and like most, progressively got worse. The bottom left is me the day I was arrested 12-6-12 and coincidentally the day I finally surrendered to God!” As of this writing, the post has been shared over 34,000 times.

Photo courtesy of Dejah Hall

Hall tells The Fix that she struggled with addiction from ages 17 to 22, starting with prescription pain pills, which led to heroin and then meth. She says that she never really imagined she would get sober until she saw her grandfather on his 91st birthday. “I was so far gone and broken that I thought death was the only way out,” Hall says. “I started crying after I told my grandfather that I loved him. He told me I was hurting him.”

That’s when she says she went into the bathroom and locked the door. “I looked at myself and saw who I had become. I was destroying myself. I knew it would take supernatural power for me to stay alive, so I prayed to God and said, ‘If you’re real, I really need you to save me.’” According to Hall, she was arrested two hours later on felony warrants. She says she decided to try to maintain sobriety for her grandfather, and because “God showed me he was real and he was listening.”

“I kicked in county jail for two to three weeks with no medication, full withdrawal,” says Hall. “It was hell, but I am still alive.” She says she is currently going to school to get her bachelor’s degree in Christian Studies, and is caring for her 18-month-old daughter. She hopes to be a prison minister one day.

Hall says she wants people to know that “addiction is all-consuming.” She has some advice for people who have loved ones who are suffering from addiction: “There is no surefire way to ‘make’ them stop using. It has to be the addict’s decision,” she says. “Yes, it is horrible to watch, and yes, you want them to be sober. I am sure that deep down they want to be sober, but most addicts I know are deeply afraid of withdrawal.”

She tells The Fix that if there is anyone out there struggling with addiction themselves, she wants them to know they “are stronger than any substance. Get to NA or AA, get a sponsor, and work your Steps.” Like she said in her now-viral post, “Everyday I thank God that I am not where I once was! Sobriety is Possible."

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Britni de la Cretaz is a freelance writer, baseball enthusiast, and recovered alcoholic living in Boston. Follow her on Twitter at @britnidlc.