Woman Receives Side of Cocaine With Her Take-Out Cheese Sticks

By Bryan Le 12/18/17

The restaurant owner allegedly called her and asked if she could bring the baggie of cocaine back to them.

Cheese sticks served on a plate with sauce with good presentation.
When they said they would "hook her up," she thought they meant the free cheese sticks.

When a Broad Street Gyros employee reportedly told an Indiana woman they were going to “hook her up,” she thought they meant they were going to give her more food. But later, she received a call from the restaurant asking if she got some cheese sticks she didn’t order… and if she could do them the favor of bringing it back to the restaurant, or if they could have her address so they could pick it up.

Curious why they wanted the cheese sticks back so badly, she rummaged around and, upon the discovery of a plastic foam cup with a baggie of cocaine inside, called the police.

A warrant was issued and the Town Council of Griffith, Indiana voted 5 to 0 to suspend the restaurant’s business license while it is under investigation.

“I have no idea what happened and they didn't find anything,” owner Carrie Demoff said to the Town Council. “I'm scared. [The restaurant] is my life… People on the street seem to know more about what happened than I do. I'm shocked, embarrassed, angry.”

However, the investigation reveals Demoff may not have been so clueless. The woman who called the police showed them the message from the restaurant, alleging that the voice belongs to Demoff herself.

Drug-sniffing police dogs also indicated the presence of drugs in multiple areas of the restaurant, including the women’s bathroom and an office drawer, but did not find any of the drugs themselves.

“The most prominent was in the business office,” said Police Commander Keith Martin.

When asked by police, Demoff reportedly admitted she had “partied before while at work.” A detective asked what she meant by “partied,” and Demoff reportedly told them she “did a line [of cocaine] and toked a few times.”

None of the Broad Street Gyros crew has admitted to putting the cocaine in the woman’s order. She and Demoff reportedly said there was another woman working in the restaurant the night the cocaine was put in with the cheese sticks—a woman that Demoff claims no longer works there.

Demoff said that she can only afford to keep the restaurant closed for about a month before she will be unable to reopen it. Authorities have acquired security camera footage from the restaurant as part of the investigation but do not have a timeframe of when it will be reviewed.

Placing the cocaine with the cheese sticks was fitting considering the University of Michigan claimed that cheese is as addictive as cocaine—however, this is not strictly true.

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