Woman Claims Food In IHOP Break Room Contained Meth

By Kelly Burch 02/08/19

An IHOP spokesperson says the allegations are "completely unfounded."

the shop where a woman reportedly ate food that allegedly contained meth

A Texas woman says that she felt intoxicated and ill after eating food in an IHOP employee break room. She now alleges the food was contaminated with methamphetamine. 

According to the Dallas Morning News, the woman ate food that was free for employees during her break. She started feeling sick and went to her doctor and then the emergency room for treatment. That’s when she tested positive for methamphetamine and told police that the drugs must have entered her system from the food at IHOP because she is not a recreational drug user. 

A report from the Abilene Police Department noted that the woman "does not use drugs and believes someone put that in the food she ate,” according to Big Country. The police are investigating whether the food was tampered with, but a police officer said that the investigation hadn’t been able to confirm the woman’s story. 

An IHOP spokesperson noted that the chain usually passes health inspections with flying colors, but said that the restaurant is working with police in this case. 

“The safety and well-being of team members and guests is a top priority. These allegations are completely unfounded. The franchisee of this location is continuing to investigate this individual’s claim, including working with local authorities,” the spokesperson said. 

The story may seem far-fetched, but similar stories indicate that it could possibly be true.

Last year, a North Carolina woman was charged after she reportedly laced a coworker’s drink with methamphetamine following a workplace dispute. In that case the coworker drank the beverage and started feeling sick. When he tested positive for methamphetamine at the hospital he told police that he had been poisoned. 

The man was lucky to get out of the situation relatively unscathed, said Hudson Police Chief Richard Blevins, who was involved with the case. 

“With an unknown amount of a controlled substance like methamphetamine, you never know what dangers it may pose,” he said. “You never know what underlying health conditions that may have a negative effect on so it's definitely a very dangerous situation.”

Also last year, authorities in Germany began investigating a man who they believe killed 21 coworkers over 20 years by poisoning their lunches. According to The Takeout, the man was caught on camera sprinkling his coworkers’ food with “lead acetate, a poison that could have caused severe organ damage,” according to a criminal lab report. 

The man had worked at the company where he poisoned people for 38 years, and was described as “conspicuously inconspicuous.” He had not commented on the charges. 

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