Woman Accidentally Sets Up Drug Deal With Cops

By Bryan Le 10/09/17

A Suboxone dealer calling herself "babycakes" accidentally planned her own sting operation.

Woman looks frustrated with her phone.
That's gotta sting.

A police officer in Bristol, Virginia suddenly began receiving texts on his department cell phone signed by someone named “babycakes,” who offered to meet up to sell drugs.

Babycakes was reportedly hawking Suboxone, a drug normally used as a treatment to wean patients with addiction off of opioid use and to suppress cravings. Unaware of who she was texting, she informed the officer of her travel plans from Virginia Beach to Kingsport, Virginia and said she would be able to meet up in Bristol to sell the Suboxone. The officer, of course, agreed.

She frequently updated the officer on her whereabouts and ETA throughout the evening, helpfully informing authorities that she was staying at the Budget Inn on exit 5 off of Lee Highway and would like to meet at the nearby Walmart to make the exchange.

Thanks to her very specific and helpful updates, officers were able to pinpoint her and make a traffic stop.

Officers arrested the 46-year-old woman, whose actual name is Chanin Y. Miller. She admitted to authorities that she thought she was texting her friend “Matt” the entire time. Thanks to her stroke of bad luck, officers booked her with 58 Suboxone sublingual strips, valued at $1,160.

But it's not just drug dealers serving themselves up to authorities on a silver platter. During a January arrest, a Baltimore police officer accidentally incriminated himself when he decided to plant drugs in order to frame a suspect—and caught it all on his own bodycam.

The officer was evidently not aware that the model of bodycam he was using is always on and actually saves video from 30 seconds before the record button is pushed.

In the bodycam footage, the officer is clearly seen planting a small bag of pills into a can before placing the can into a suspect’s messy yard. He is then seen entering the yard with other officers, with whom he “discovered” the drugs in the can.

After this footage was released, the charges against the suspect were dropped. In light of the officer's actions, dozens of other cases the officers were involved in also had to be dropped. 

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