Whoopi Goldberg Talks Cannabis

By David Konow 03/19/19

Goldberg discussed the benefits of marijuana and her company's mission to offer women relief from cramps with her products. 

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg has never been shy about speaking her mind. As a budding entrepreneur, she's focusing her line of cannabis-based products on women's health.

Goldberg had been a big believer in cannabis for a long time. She says it’s helped her with menstrual cramps since she was young.

“I realized it helped my cramps [then], and I’ve had a good relationship with it since,” she tells Forbes. “It continues to help me feel better as I get older. I’m a big fan of our products and my vape pen… they provide me relief as I get older.”

Like many celebrities, Goldberg has gotten into the cannabis business herself, forming the company Whoopi & Maya with her partner Maya Elisabeth. As Goldberg explains, “I asked a friend in the cannabis industry if anyone was doing marijuana for menstrual cramps; and when he said no, I knew someone had to—and that it may as well be us.”

Elisabeth founded the company Om Edibles in 2008, and she’s also the winner of seven High Times Cannabis Cup awards. “When we started looking for someone to help us make products, we saw that Maya won the most Cannabis Cups and was involved in a women-run collective,” Goldberg continues. “We met and we hit off immediately.”

As Goldberg says her business isn’t about getting high—it’s about providing relief for women during their menstrual cycles.

“Our goal is to make you feel better, not get you high. There are plenty of products out there that will get you high, but we want to make sure you are feeling OK. We want to help women who have bad cramps be able to work a full work day without excruciating pain.”

Goldberg enjoys having control of where her company is going. “This is a long-term plan and we’re still a relatively small company. Entertainment projects come and go and there are so many things outside your control. I like that we can own this and have control over the direction of our business.”

Now that Whoopi & Maya are providing the world with a cannabis wellness product for women, Goldberg says, “The response has been incredible and it’s very rewarding to offer a product that helps so many. Jump in and try it, you never know what can happen until you do.”

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