What is the Role of Family During Treatment?

By The Fix staff 08/08/18

Sierra Tucson provides families and their loved one in treatment a special opportunity to learn more about addiction and mental health disorders together.

A family sits together as if in family therapy.

When your loved one enters treatment for substance abuse, you’re faced with countless questions—especially when it comes to your role in their recovery. After all, addiction doesn’t just directly affect the person who’s in treatment: addiction affects everyone. But while one’s recovery is a very personal journey, Sierra Tucson believes successful, long-lasting sobriety isn’t possible without the support of everyone around them. In fact, Sierra Tucson offers one of the very few addiction treatment programs that puts family, friends, significant others, and other loved ones at the very center of an individual’s recovery process. That’s what makes the Family Program as unique as it is effective, helping residents and family members identify problems that have significantly impacted the family unit. More than that, the program aims to change attitudes and create a positive and productive way for communicating how past behaviors have impacted everyone involved. When it comes right down to it, recovery isn’t simply about healing the individual—it’s about healing the entire family.

Sierra Tucson provides families and their loved one in treatment a special opportunity to learn more about addiction and mental health disorders together. Their Family Program is educational, therapeutic and (in many ways) life-changing for everyone. The levels of care that residents receive at Sierra Tucson are second-to-none in terms of its individualized treatment programming and its comprehensive, compassionate care. Physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, social workers and counselors all work together to help each resident in planning out a roadmap to wellness. On a regular basis, residents are given complete diagnostic assessments from a team that is as committed to success as it is excellence. Sierra Tucson understands the emotional pain felt by both its residents and their family members, which allows them to provide the highest quality of care for emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Your loved one’s treatment team is constantly assessing and reviewing their progress, as well as sharing insights and updating the treatment plan accordingly. Residents are offered individual therapy, group therapy, recreational activities and other services—but the impact of Sierra Tucson’s Family Week is truly unparalleled. It’s a four-day experience that’s also the centerpiece of the center’s family-centered program—one that is specifically designed to assist residents and family members in healing.

Family Week is open to all family members ages 18 and over, and is included in the cost of the treatment. (Travel and accommodations are not included.) Once the resident completes his or her invitation list, a family therapist from Sierra Tucson will contact invitees with more information with details about the resident’s Family Week. Being invited to participate in Family Week is special and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It not only means that your loved one wants you to be part of their recovery, but that they see you as an integral part of their future. When you participate in Family Week, you’ll work directly with therapists who will help model and teach communication skills. You’ll also come to understand the baffling, powerful nature of addiction. During the course of Family Week, you’ll also be invited to work through any issues you might have, develop stronger techniques for self-care and, most importantly, learn how to care for your loved one in treatment. Through workshops, interactive sessions and group discussions, Family Week will provide you and your loved one brand-new ways of connecting with one another.

Family Week provides you with a first-hand glimpse into the treatment your loved one is receiving. You’ll see that Sierra Tucson isn’t simply focused on the symptoms an individual is experiencing: it’s focused on the entire person. At the end of the day, Sierra Tucson is dedicated to treating individuals through the whole of their mind, body, spirit and emotions. Everything must be taken into consideration—not just any given part. When the entire individual is treated and not just their symptoms, they can find peace, understanding and long-lasting recovery. That said, without family involvement, recovery can be difficult. Unlike most other treatment centers, Sierra Tucson knows that strength in recovery is about strength in numbers. When an entire family is involved in someone’s treatment, it’s not just about their success—it’s about everyone’s.

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