Video Of New Jersey Woman Being Revived With Narcan Goes Viral

By McCarton Ackerman 02/12/16

A dramatic video of a New Jersey police officer reviving an unconscious woman with Narcan has gone viral and sparked discussions about the benefits of the life-saving substance.

Video Of New Jersey Woman Being Revived With Narcan Goes Viral
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The video, uploaded by a user named Idrise Maxey-Carmichael, has been viewed over 93,000 times since being uploaded to YouTube on Monday. The nine-minute video took place in the town of Paulsboro and shows a woman named Kelmae Delmore, who appears to be lifeless. But as a police officer and an EMS team arrive at the scene and Narcan is sprayed into her nose, she begins to take shallow breaths.

West Deptford Police Chief Sam DiSimone said that Delmore was traveling with her brother when she passed out in the car. The brother took her out of the car and began performing CPR while a nearby motorist rushed to the Paulsboro police station. Delmore was transported to a local hospital for treatment and has since been released.

"It bothers you every time you see it," said DiSimone. "You never really want to see it out there, however if it's a wakeup call for some people...When this circulates you see exactly what happens. Some people don't realize it was that graphic or scary."

The video has sparked debate about whether it’s appropriate to post someone’s near-death experience for public consumption. Many YouTube commenters on the video saw it as a wake-up call for anyone abusing drugs. One person wrote that “this is the reality of popping pills and doing heroin,” while another expressed that “this video is an eye opener to all people struggling with this horrible drug. WAKE UP PEOPLE.”

But others felt that the video could eventually have a negative impact on Delmore’s eight-year-old daughter if she ever saw or heard about it. The woman’s family also doesn’t want the incident to be available for viewing. 

"I am not blind to the fact that my child is an addict," said a commenter who identified herself as Delmore’s mother, Kelly Hemphill. "Don't you think as her mother I want to take my child and hold her and make it all go away? The pain and the addiction. It's my blood that runs through her veins. It's my heart that made her heart beat for the first time. And it's my heart that stopped for about 10 minutes that day!"

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