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Transformations Treatment Center

By The Fix staff 04/27/16

This luxurious-yet-affordable South Florida rehab offers traditional and holistic treatments, 12-step meetings, and an optional Christian program. They also have a program devoted to the needs of first responders.

Transformations Treatment Center
Location : Delray Beach, FL
Phone : 877-741-1629
Price : $15,000-25,000 per month, IOP $185 per week
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : Yes
Detox : Yes

“My life was spinning out of control. I had two choices, recovery or death.” Sometimes it’s just like that. And that’s how a recent patient at Transformations Treatment Center felt before he made a choice to go there and try the road to recovery.

Transformations Treatment Center, located in Delray Beach, Florida, is a relatively affordable yet upscale facility that offers several different types of treatment and levels of care including detox, inpatient, outpatient and aftercare programs. Clients become members of the Adult, Young Adult, First Responder or Christian/Faith-based program and receive individualized therapy. Adult is categorized as age 30 and above and young adult is 18-30. Treatment is gender and age specific. Faith-based therapies can be led by Christian clinicians and clients receive biblically-sound guidance. Topics of Christ-centered sessions might include “Where is God in you?” or “12 Step Christianity” and “Spiritual Principles for Christians.” But the Faith-based program is only one option; if you prefer a traditional 12-step program you can opt for that. Transformations also treats dual diagnosis clients who may be struggling with gambling and sex addiction, trauma, depression, grief, loss, and anger management issues.

The population at Transformations is quite varied, according to former clients. Residents were “both male and female. All different sexual orientations. Different incomes and occupations. Very diverse,” one told us. Another reported that “the other people there were from every race, age, gender and cultural background, from the rich to the poor.” As one put it, it was “a great mix of people that all wanted the same thing: to get sober.” Lengths of stay varied: one client reported only staying three weeks. Another former resident is still in outpatient after two years: "I began attending the IOP program. It's almost been 2 years since I have been with Transformations." Most respondents stayed in residential about 30 days and then moved to outpatient.

The accommodations can be quite attractive if you’re used to treatment centers that make you share bedrooms and/or bathrooms. Residents here each get their own private bedroom and bathroom. There are over 70 beds at Transformations. Their housing is apartment-style in garden settings, with granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, and washer and dryer in unit. Flat screen televisions and phones with free nationwide calling are provided as well.

There are chores here. This is not your laid-back, maid service luxury treatment center. In addition to cooking your own meals, residents need to keep their rooms clean and there there is a GI cleaning on Sundays. There’s nothing back-breaking here, as one resident put it when asked about his job: “The job was to keep our rooms clean and do the laundry on the weekends.” But, if you’re not into doing any cleaning or picking up after yourself, this isn’t the place.  And as far as breaking the rules here, the staff was considered fair by most former residents, but strict. For example, one told us that “most people who did not clean their rooms did have privileges taken away.” Most observed that “they were strict, but not mean about it. They just told you to change your behavior before there were serious consequences.”

Meals are more of a mixed bag. Residents are apparently provided with a $75 food allowance to shop at the grocery store however they please. So, if you have self-discipline and know how to cook, this could work out very well. When asked about the meals, one former resident said, “Made my own. Shopping is important to a path of self-reliance. But meals cooked by center were not good.” In addition, coffee and snacks are readily available, and on Sundays the group gets together to decide what they want for dinner and all eat together. 

There are plenty of activities and amenities available here. “They took us to the gym, beach and equestrian therapy every week. You could also go in the serenity lounge therapy massage chair if you wanted to as well,” a former resident remembers. “I did the gym, the pool, yoga, bowling and movies. They give you different choices of activities to do,” another recalls. There are also outings to mini golf, the beach, and talent shows on weekends. You’re able to watch tv when you are back at your apartment and you have no other work to do, but phone use may be restricted. A former client said, “You have a house phone in your apartment, but it would get shut off about 11 pm. No cell phones were allowed. You could watch TV whenever you wanted. No internet access.”

There is an in-house doctor and addictionologist at Transformations. When asked about the medical treatment available, most rated it highly. “Anytime I needed a doctor, whether it be for medication or information, a doctor was always available,” one told us. From another: “There was a nurse on property and a doctor at the clinical building. They were very helping and caring with every issue that you had. They worked together to come to a solution that would best suit the client.” So, in general, clients seemed to be happy with the medical care on site.

As for the non-medical treatment, like therapy and 12-step work, clients were mostly very pleased. According to quite a few former clients, the treatment at Transformations is top-notch. The program here is primarily 12-step based with an option to do a faith-based program (you will go to Celebrate Recovery rather than typical 12-step meetings) and clients are divided into groups for age and gender. “Very 12 Step based program. Both church or non. Whichever you preferred,” a former patient told us. “The 12 step meetings were the best. We went to one almost every day. There were alternatives such as SLAA and Celebrate Recovery. They also gave multiple options almost every day like NA, CA or AA,” another recent client said. Some clients combined the two options: “you were able to choose religion-based groups if you wanted. Not required, though. I switched between both religious and non-religious groups.” But this isn’t for everyone. One person confessed, “I would have like to see other options/routes offered, therapy-centered.”

There is also Intensive Outpatient available and sober living for senior residents, those who have completed the inpatient program and have been there for a while. The IOP is 3 phases, gender specific, and can be as inexpensive as $185 per week, and the senior resident housing as little as $100 per week which can be very helpful when trying to get your life together and start over again. Some former residents do feel improvements can be made, however, in the transition to the sober living in terms of getting some help in job hunting or transportation services. And one former client felt the discharge was very abrupt: “Come up with better discharge plans. My insurance was up and it was like, ‘ok, see ya, bye.’ A wrap up, one on one, would have been nice.”

Transformations also offers a treatment program for first responders, who often have specific needs related to their jobs. First responders experience intense physical and emotional distress which can lead to PTSD and self-medication. This unique program, which is led by a first responder who is also a masters-level therapist, has treated hundreds of emergency personnel nationwide. 

Overall, former clients have fond memories of their time at this South Florida treatment center: “Transformations has done a lot for me. I truly mean that. I sit back at times and can see how much they have done for me. The techs, therapists, staff, alumni, etc. No matter what life has thrown at me so far on this journey, I always know someone at transformations will be there with open ears to help out, through the good or the bad. For that, I am grateful.” Another says he would recommend Transformations "to anyone struggling with the disease of addiction. The staff genuinely cares and strives to make the experience pleasurable and effective. Transformations showed me a new way to live; it saved my life."

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