Tranquil Shores

By The Fix staff 08/31/17

Tranquil Shores is a solid choice for recovery in a beautiful, beachfront location. An intensive amount of group therapy offers clients a communal way to process recovery. 

Tranquil Shores
Location : 4300 Duhme Road Madeira Beach, FL 33708
Phone : (844) 452-3980
Price : $22,500 (each of the first two sets of 30 days) $18,000 (third set of 30 days)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : No
Detox : No

Introduction and Basic Services

Tranquil Shores is a rehab in Tampa, Florida offering a residential program, an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and a sober living facility. Its treatment model is specialized for clients who are unable or unwilling to undergo traditional treatment methods. It also features support for those with dual diagnoses.

Facility and Meals

The courtyard is stunning, with a pool, lounge chairs, palm trees and shaded patio seating. There is a boardwalk leading right onto the white-sanded beach. The campus also has a tennis court, a basketball court, a fitness center and space for fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.

The facility has 24 beds, set in gender-specific beachside condos. Communal spaces are decorated in a beach bungalow style with desks, wicker chairs, TVs, tables and soft couches, offering clients space to chat in a brightly lit area. There are two to three clients housed in a condo at one time; most bedrooms are private with queen beds, but there are also double bedrooms available. Bedrooms are outfitted with antique armoires and well-appointed floor and wall decorations. Bathrooms feature granite countertops and spacious curtained showers. Kitchens are cozy, with space for clients to prepare their own meals. 24/7 staff are available to those in the residences.

Clinical offices are a couple of miles away from the residences. Counseling rooms are intimate, where clients may sit adjacent to their therapists to closely discuss their concerns and thoughts. Group rooms are notably larger, with chairs placed in a circle next to a whiteboard.

Treatment Protocol and Team

The detox program begins with blood labs, genetic tests and assessment for any co-occurring disorders. Stabilization includes Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) to ease withdrawal. This process takes a different amount of time for everyone, ranging from a few days to a couple of weeks. Acute cases may be referred to an outside detox.

Clients then transition into treatment, where there is an impressive three-to-one client-to-counselor ratio. Residency lasts at least 30 days, although the program is designed to last 90 days.

Schedules include 25 hours of group therapy a week. As treatment progresses, clients begin to participate in community support resources in order to partake in real life experiences. Residents go food shopping on Saturday morning and prepare their own meals throughout the week. They are also expected to do their own laundry and chores to reinforce life skills.

Group “themes,” which are meant to be learned over 13 weeks, include didactic process groups, experiential therapy, gender-specific therapy, spiritual topics, alternative healing therapy, creative therapies and balanced living management.

Residents can expect evidence-based practices. Clients meet with their therapists at least twice a week, developing an individualized treatment plan. Individual counseling may include EFT and Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) to resolve trauma and other co-occurring disorders. ART involves one to five sessions of psychotherapy that uses relaxed eye movements.

Use of medication when necessary is stressed at Tranquil Shores; clients are monitored throughout their stay to ensure that these medications are used and prescribed appropriately.

IOP length varies based on need, ranging from one to 15 hours a week and consisting of a mix of individual, group and family therapies. The IOP also utilizes e-therapy, which is done over telecommunication for those who cannot return to Tranquil Shores.

Those staying at the sober living facility attend educational therapy groups and weekly meetings with a recovery mentor, participate in community recovery and receive continued staff support. Sober living participation is based on availability and completion of the Tranquil Shores residency or IOP. Residents are expected to work towards gaining employment.

Staff includes a medical doctor, psychiatrists, a PsyD, Master’s-level therapists, CBHTs, LPNs and a CRSS.

Resources are offered to families and family therapy is encouraged for a minimum of two hours a week. Families receive Motivational Interviewing (MI) and substance abuse education including relapse prevention, the effects of drug use on the body and sobriety strategies.

Aftercare includes individualized discharge planning. Alumni are offered free group therapy.

Bonus Amenities

Massage, yoga, spiritual groups, creative therapies, alternative healing, Tai Chi, acupuncture and workout classes are offered.


Tranquil Shores is a solid choice for recovery in a beautiful, beachfront location. An intensive amount of group therapy offers clients a communal way to process recovery. It’s also crucial that clients are given as close an experience to the real world as possible, allowing them to develop the skills they’ll need upon program completion.

Tranquil Shores

4300 Duhme Road

Madeira Beach, FL 33708

(844) 452-3980

[email protected]

Tranquil Shores Cost: $22,500 (each of the first two sets of 30 days); $18,000 (third set of 30 days); accepts insurance. Find Tranquil Shores on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+

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