Students Accuse Teacher Of Snorting Cocaine In Classroom

By Kelly Burch 11/30/17

The English teacher reportedly told police that she bought about $160 worth of cocaine before getting to school that day. 

Video taken by Lake Central High School students of the teacher in the classroom.
Lake Central High School students claim that this video shows the teacher snorting cocaine in the classroom. Photo via YouTube

High school students are often taught to “just say no” to drugs, but in Indiana it was a teacher who appears to have missed that lesson. According to authorities, a 24-year-old high school English teacher was caught snorting cocaine in her classroom. 

According to The Chicago Tribune, Samantha Cox was reportedly caught on video snorting cocaine during a break in her classroom in Lake Central High School in St. John, Indiana. After taking the video, her students went to the principal, who called local authorities.

A drug-sniffing dog was brought into Cox’s classroom, and police reportedly found plastic baggies, foil and a tightly rolled piece of paper that they believe Cox used to snort cocaine. In her car they found a pipe, torn baggies and more straws. 

Cox is now facing felony drug possession charges and misdemeanor paraphernalia charges. She told police that she has been using cocaine for about four years. She said she bought about $160 worth of cocaine before getting to school that day and used during her morning break. 

“Ms. Cox advised she normally purchases her (drugs) after school but was feeling sick and needed to get some," according to court records. Cox reportedly said that the door was locked and students must have seen her through a classroom window. 

One of the students told CBS Chicago that Cox was trying to stay hidden. “She tried to hide herself,” John Rogers said. “She wasn’t at her desk where we could see her. She was all the way in the corner where she thought we can’t see her.”

Michael Sanchez, another student, said the incident was alarming. “It is like a serious thing,” he said. “A lot of people can get addicted to a lot of things, and something like this is, it’s very heart-breaking.”

School Board President Janice Malchow told the Tribune that the incident shows how many people are affected by addiction. 

"We are concerned and saddened by the recent incident, and we have recognized that it is a systemic issue in our country,” she said. ”Lake Central has provided parent information sessions for the past two years; in addition, through various formats LC has provided our students an awareness of challenges that they might encounter. We believe in open communication about the issue. It takes a village to battle this ugly demon.”

School officials did not comment on whether Cox’s employment was terminated. 

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