Stevie Nicks Speculates About Prince's Overdose Death

By David Konow 07/13/17

In a recent interview, Nicks shared her thoughts about the late music icon and the circumstances surrounding his death.

Stevie Nicks

Music legend Stevie Nicks has certainly seen a lot of other musicians fall in the line of duty, but the death of Prince in 2016 was a tough loss for her to take.

Prince was an influence on one of Nicks' biggest singles "Stand Back," and he played keyboards on the song as well. (Nicks also dedicates the song "Moonlight" to him in concert.) Nicks got to know Prince back in the eighties, and as she said to The Mirror about his 2016 overdose death, “I don’t know in my heart of hearts whether he just took too much, or did he purposefully take too much?”

Prince was 57 when he died from an accidental fentanyl overdose in April 2016. Nicks, who is 69, wonders if aging played a factor in the singer's untimely death. “When you get to be our age—and he was younger than me—and you’re like, ‘I’m not making hit records any more…I’m not able to really tour anymore because of my health…’ You’re not married, you don’t have children…you don’t hang out with a bunch of people because you’re really an isolationist.”

Nicks recalled that Prince was previously anti-drug, telling the Associated Press, “He hated that I did drugs and that’s probably why we didn’t hang out more.”

She added, “I think when you’re in that much pain, and you’re somebody who has made it your life’s work to preach about the downfall of people that do drugs, that had to be a [burden]. I think that broke his heart.”

Nicks has openly discussed her struggles with addiction in the past, proclaiming herself to be “the worst drug addict” in a Rolling Stone cover story. She calls fentanyl, “the worst of the worst; way stronger than heroin, morphine, anything—and [Prince] was having to take it because I think he was probably fractured from his neck down to his feet.”

After Prince died, Nicks realized a terrible irony about their relationship. In 2016, she told the Associated Press, “He was worried that I would die of an accidental drug overdose and my sadness is that he did die of an accidental drug overdose. He’s up there looking down, saying to me, ‘Sweetie, I can’t believe it happened either.’”

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