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Steve-O and Mike Tyson Went On Cocaine Binge

By McCarton Ackerman 03/18/16

While promoting his new comedy special, Steve-O opened up about his multiple run-ins with Mike Tyson, sobriety and sex addiction.

Steve-O Went On Cocaine Binge With Mike Tyson
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Jackass star Steve-O has cleaned up his ways and recently celebrated eight years of sobriety, but was happy to tell GQ about the time he went on a cocaine binge with boxing champ Mike Tyson.

The 41-year-old said that he crashed a party in the Hollywood Hills, but was shocked to find Tyson answering the door. He claimed that the former heavyweight champion asked him if he had cocaine, which led to the pair locking themselves in a bathroom and using the drug for the next three hours. During that time, Steve-O attempted something arguably more dangerous than he ever did on Jackass: using the "N-word" in front of Tyson.

“I said to him, my exact words, ‘You know, Mike, I don’t have a racist bone in my body, but I like to consider myself a n-----,” recalled Steve-O. “I’ll never forget, he said, ‘You ask me, the definition of that word is anybody who uses it.’ And I was like, ‘Damn! Iron Mike, deep as fuck!”

The reality star then revealed that the next time they met each other again was at a psychiatric ward, where they were both locked up for reasons he wouldn’t reveal. Apparently, while they were together, Steve-O unsuccessfully tried to get Tyson to film a stunt where he would get a black eye by running into the boxer, but ended up getting his bizarre wish granted at the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen in 2011. Steve-O did a running dive into Tyson’s fist and ended up breaking his nose, proving that sobriety never removed his insanity.

“It was my forehead that landed on it that first time. It wasn't until the end of the show that I was allowed to give it another proper try,” he wrote on WhoSay shortly after. “I broke my nose badly in the process, it was in a whole new spot on my face. My cameraman filmed blood pouring out of my nose, a guy in the crowd came over and told me he could set my nose straight right there on the spot. I couldn't believe it, it hurt like hell, but he managed to pop the bone right back into place.”

These days, Steve-O is successfully tackling his latest battle—sex addiction. He told KIIS FM in Australia that he “went to see a sex therapist” and has now been celibate for over seven months.

But despite his earnest effort to change his life for the better, Steve-O will likely always remain eccentric. Last August, he was arrested after climbing a 100-foot construction crane in Hollywood, shooting fireworks off it and then dropping an inflatable killer whale that had “SeaWorld Sucks” written on it. The 41-year-old was sentenced last October to 30 days in jail and three years of probation, in addition to being temporarily banned from the Hollywood area.

“What can I say?” he posted to Instagram after his sentencing. “I’m a jackass.”

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