St. John’s Riverside Hospital

By The Fix staff 08/24/17

St. John’s Riverside Hospital’s ParkCare Pavillon offers thorough care for individuals struggling with addiction. It’s gender-specific treatment utilizing both 12-step minded and evidence-based approaches.

St. John’s Riverside Hospital
Location : 2 Park Ave Yonkers, NY 10703
Phone : (914) 964-7873
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Insurance : Yes
Detox : Yes

Introduction and Basic Services

ParkCare Pavillon is a part of St. John’s Riverside Hospital’s Behavioral Health Services department, which has offered treatment for substance abuse since 1967. It is located in Yonkers, New York, right on the scenic Hudson River. Yonkers is about an hour’s drive from the center of Manhattanand 30 minutes from central Westchester County.ParkCare Pavillon boasts a residential program, andthe hospital also offers a range ofoutpatient services throughout the area.St. John’s Riverside Hospital participates in community service via the Healthy Yonkers Initiative, which works to address community health at large.

Facility and Meals

The hospital is expansive, with 72 beds available for detox clients.The residential portion of the program houses 69 individuals. Men and women are separated into gender-specific treatment units. Though it’s a clinical setting, rooms are comfortable and home-like.

There is a common room with a TV but access is only allowed during designated hours. Computers and cell phones are not permitted. There is laundry on-site.

Meals are prepared by staff at ParkCare Pavillon and served cafeteria-style. Special dietary requests and allergies are accommodated.

Treatment Protocol and Team

St. John’s Riverside Hospital has specific treatment plans for varying demographics of people: men, women, adolescents, those within the criminal justice system, opiate users and individuals with dual diagnoses.

Detox is medically managed and typically lasts three to seven days; clients receive around-the-care treatment from a large team of clinicians. Detoxing clients participate in group and individual counseling, are exposed to the 12 steps, given psychiatric treatment and even afforded aftercare

plans in case they do not desire to continue on to residency. Care is given to those withdrawing from alcohol, benzodiazepines, barbiturates and opiates.

Residential treatment is a 28-day program. All of the medical doctors available at ParkCare Pavillon are psychiatrists in order to assist clients who are struggling with co-occurring disorders. Therapeutic programming includes evidence-based treatment such as CBT andMotivational Interviewing (MI) as well as relapse prevention planning and 12-step recovery. Residents can expect to attend AA/NA meetings on site throughout the course of treatment.

The extensive staff includes medical doctors and psychiatrists, nurses and licensed counselors.

Bonus Amenities

Creative therapies such as art, drama and music are available. There is also physical therapy on-site.


St. John’s Riverside Hospital’s ParkCare Pavillon offers thorough care for individuals struggling with addiction.It’s gender-specific treatment utilizing both 12-step minded and evidence-based approaches that extend from detox to both inpatient and outpatient programming. Clients are offered an uninterrupted continuum of care within the hospital’s network, a well-reputed resource in the community it serves. For men and women in the area ready to seek help with chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders in a structured, medical setting, St. John’s Riverside Hospital is a great option.

St. John’s Riverside Hospital: ParkCare Pavilion

2 Park Ave

Yonkers, NY10703

(914) 964-7873

St. John’s Riverside HospitalCost:Call for cost; accepts insurance. Find St. John’s Riverside Hospital on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn

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