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By The Fix staff 08/18/17

Anyone looking to begin the recovery process in a stable, supportive setting before attending a full inpatient program is welcome to seek treatment through SoCal Detox.

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Location : 127 Avenida Del Mar San Clemente, Ca 92672
Phone : (888) 590-0777
Price : $1,200 (per day)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
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Insurance : Yes
Detox : Yes

Introduction and Basic Services

SoCal Detox is based, as the name suggests, in the Southern California community of San Clemente in Orange County. It offers detox services from both drugs and alcohol in a luxurious residential setting. Anyone looking to begin the recovery process in a stable, supportive setting before attending a full inpatient program is welcome to seek treatment through SoCal Detox.

Facility and Meals

Separated into two gender-specific residences, each of which houses six clients, SoCal Detox’s San Clemente facilities are expansive and luxurious. The first residence has large stone steps leading up to outdoor seating and a fountain overlooking the well-manicured lawn. Inside, the foyer opens onto a bright lounge area with couches and a fireplace, opposite of a dining room with trinket-laden bookshelves and access to the yard. The warm, open-plan kitchen is adjacent to a second dining room with a cozy table. A lounge with a fireplace and sizable sectional couch offers a comfortable place from which to watch a flat screen TV.

The second residence is a glamorous version of an adobe house, with stucco and a modern, angled ceiling. Inside is a living room with a fireplace and screened patio next to a dining table. Upstairs, a rafted wooden ceiling hangs over another lounge, which is adjacent to a table tennis area. A large patio space with a table and chaise provides a calming view of the Pacific Ocean.

Shared rooms are all particularly spacious; in both houses one room has two beds and the other four, all with flat screen TVs. Bathrooms vary but are all luxurious: there is one with a granite shower and countertops along with a well-lit vanity and another with a tiled spa bath and shower and outdoor access.

Each home has its own private chef, who caters to each client’s nutritional needs as necessary.

A laundry room is available in both houses. Residents are only allowed to use laptops and cell phones in a monitored capacity and when given exceptions for employment reasons.

Treatment Protocol and Team

SoCal Detox offers services for those who need a separate detox facility outside of a rehabilitation center. The program typically lasts from seven to 10 days.

Treatment is fully monitored and provides support and encouragement along the way. The detox process can be difficult and isolating, often resulting in physical withdrawal symptoms and psychological cravings. SoCal Detox’s sober environment prevents relapse in this trying period, which is when many addicts return to using in order to abate their symptoms.

Medication, and occasionally tapering down from the substance, is used at the facility to minimize the risk of danger.

Treatment begins with an assessment and intake procedure, and continues with counselor and peer support as well as physical maintenance of things like hydration levels and proper nutrition. Following this, clients meet with an LMFT or their case manager whenever needed.

The treatment team includes LMFTs, nurses and physicians for around-the-clock care.

Clients meet with a case manager to create an aftercare plan which may include residential treatment elsewhere.

Bonus Amenities

The facility allows therapy dogs on-site. Self-care items such as toothpaste and other toiletries and even clothing are supplied if a client does not have any.

The San Clemente facility offers yoga, art and music therapy and mindfulness meditation.

SoCal Detox has a monthly family group held in San Diego.


A safe and caring place to begin the process of sobriety and recovery, SoCal Detox prepares its clients to enter residential treatment. With a focus on the safety of residents and a solid foundation before beginning the behavioral health component of getting clean and sober, it is a good choice. Those looking for a luxurious environment to endure what can be a very uncomfortable experience will find an invaluable resource in this community.

SoCal Detox

127 Avenida Del Mar

San Clemente, Ca 92672

(888) 590-0777

SoCal Detox Cost: $1,200 (per day); accepts insurance. Find SoCal Detox on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

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