The Situation Returns To "Jersey Shore," Now Sober & Happy

By Victoria Kim 04/03/18

“[I’m] 28 months sober, I’m very proud, it’s one of my finest accomplishments and it was a huge challenge.”

Mike Sorrentino
Photo via YouTube

After nearly a decade since it first aired on MTV, Jersey Shore is back for a reboot. But this time, the show is expected to have a different tone—the cast, now in their thirties, has settled down; some married, and some had children. 

Mike Sorrentino, for one, is now sober. You may know Sorrentino as “The Situation”—the brawny, bronzed Staten Island native who lived life by his own saying, “G.T.L. baby. Gym, Tanning, Laundry.”

But on the new iteration of the hit reality TV show, Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Sorrentino is eager to show people the “new and improved Situation.”

Not only is Sorrentino in recovery, he is serving the recovery community by directing public outreach for a New Jersey treatment center and meeting with individuals who are battling addiction at speaking events. 

“[I’m] 28 months sober, I’m very proud, it’s one of my finest accomplishments and it was a huge challenge,” Sorrentino told ET in March. “It’s a ‘one day at a time’ thing and [I’m] just showing people that it’s very possible.”

Though it was a challenge to stay away from alcohol during the filming of Family Vacation, Sorrentino said he is staying on track despite being surrounded by potential triggers.

“This time I’m coming from a grateful standpoint, a blessed standpoint,” he said. “Stay in your lane and run your own race. They could be drinking, they could be having fun, but that’s not my race, because if I look over to the person next to me, guess what? I’m going to trip over my own feet and you’re going to win the race and the Situation is not going to let that happen.”

His girlfriend Lauren Pesce is an important factor in Sorrentino’s recovery. “I have a longtime girlfriend of over four years now. I had to remain sober, I had to remain loyal despite girls throwing themselves [at me] at the club,” he said.

By returning to Jersey Shore, Sorrentino is hoping to give recovery a good name. “I challenged myself to have fun, dance, and be at a club till 5 am and show people it’s possible to have fun,” he said. “And you’ll see, because The Situation turns up more [when] sober than some people do when they’re drinking.”

Jersey Shore Family Vacation premieres on MTV on April 5.

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