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Makeup Artist Finds Cocaine In Sephora Package 

By Lindsey Weedston 11/01/19

The woman also found a picture and an ID alongside the cocaine and a rolled-up dollar bill inside the package. 

makeup artists walking into a Sephora store
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A New Jersey-based professional makeup artist got more than she bargained for in a shipment of cosmetics from Sephora earlier this month.

Inside The Mystery Box

Among her foundation and false eyelashes, 30-year-old Christina Milano found a “good amount” of white powder wrapped in a dollar bill along with a small straw cut for snorting the substance, plus a female Sephora employee's company ID. There was also a forklift operator's card and a photo of a young girl in another part of the package.

How these items ended up in Milano’s package is unclear, but the makeup artist was able to identify the powder as cocaine.

“I’ve seen it and I’ve been offered it in the past,” she told the New York Post

She became fairly upset when she realized what she had due to the high penalties associated with shipping illicit drugs through the mail. 

“I could have gotten in trouble for this,” she said to local New York news affiliate PIX11. “What if there was a random check at the post office?”

$100 Store Credit For Her Troubles

Milano quickly took photos of what she discovered, including the white powder, and sent them to Sephora. After she was assured that she would be contacted after the company’s investigation, she was informed that the Sephora had credited $100 to her account and asked her to dispose of the “foreign items.”

The makeup artist was unsatisfied with this response.

“It was kind of like, here’s $100, like, you know, don’t talk about it,” she said, saying the idea made her angry. So she went to the press, who investigated further.

Getting To The Bottom Of It

A Post reporter was able to use the information and photos provided by Milano to track down an address associated with the woman whose name was on the company ID.

However, the owner of the house said that the Sephora employee was her sister and that she no longer lived there.

“She’s on the grid, off the grid. She’s always changing her phone number,” the sister said. “She lived here that one time, but I haven’t spoken to her in a month. And even then it was only for 15 minutes.”

She confirmed that the Sephora employee had a history of drug use, but according to the report, declined to give further details.

Sephora, of course, has a zero-tolerance policy around employees using illicit drugs, particularly while at work. Milano, though not entirely pleased with how the cosmetics company handled the situation, says she remains loyal to them.

“I would still love a more personal apology from them but truly I still will shop at Sephora,” she admitted. “I love them.”

Sephora provided a statement to Newsweek about the incident.

"We have investigated the matter and taken appropriate actions," it read. "Sephora prides itself on our delivery and supply chain experiences and have a zero-tolerance policy around illegal substances in the workplace. We have apologized to the impacted client for this unfortunate experience and are working with her directly to resolve it."

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Lindsey Weedston is a Seattle area writer focused on mental health and addiction, politics, human rights, and various social issues. Her work has appeared in The Establishment, Ravishly, ThinkProgress, Little Things, Yes! Magazine, and others. You can find her daily writings at Twitter:

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