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By The Fix staff 09/10/18

Great treatment doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

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Admitting that you need help for your substance use disorder is a huge step. While drug and alcohol treatment is a serious undertaking, it can be done effectively without giving up the comforts that make your life a little easier. Capo By The Sea, which offers luxury rehab in California, provides top-notch treatment for addiction, while also providing luxury accommodations that allow you to really focus on getting healthy.

You Deserve Comfort

Many people who have been battling addiction realize the toll that their disease has taken on their lives and the lives of those they love. This can lead to feelings of shame or guilt. Because of that, some people feel that their time in treatment should be uncomfortable — a way of atoning for the damage they have caused.

If you feel this way, it’s important to remember that addiction is a disease. Although you have been abusing drugs or alcohol, there have also been brain mechanisms at work that have caused you to continue using. Understanding that addiction is a disease can help free people from their guilt and shame.

Just as you would treat any physical disease in the best possible setting, it’s perfectly acceptable to treat addiction in a luxury rehab as well. Making yourself as comfortable as possible will give you the energy and motivation to immerse yourself fully in your recovery. When you are physically comfortable you can address the mental and emotional pain that may have contributed to your abuse of drugs or alcohol.

Top-Notch Addiction Treatment Plans

Your main focus when you enter rehab is to get healthy. You want to be able to leave behind substance use disorder once and for all so that you can focus on your career or your family — the things that are really important in life. Because of that, the thing that matters most in a treatment center is its ability to guide you into recovery.

At most luxury treatment centers you can access state-of-the-art treatments that make recovery more comfortable. At Capo By The Sea, medical detox can make the process of eliminating drugs and alcohol bearable. Medical detox utilizes medications to counteract or control the symptoms of withdrawal. Using medical detox, you are able to get drugs or alcohol out of your system without feeling sick.

In addition, luxury rehabs in California and beyond are adept at treating co-occurring disorders. By addressing the mental health challenges or trauma that may have contributed to your abuse or drugs or alcohol, you can give yourself the best possible chance for long-term recovery.

Luxury Accommodations

When you enroll in a luxury treatment center, you can expect many of the same amenities that you would find in a resort or hotel. In addition to private rooms and bathrooms with beautiful views, you’ll have access to a range of activities that can help you heal, including yoga, massage and golf. Rehabs like Capo By The Sea can also allow you to complete treatment as a couple or even bring your pet, so that your best friend can support you in your recovery.

In addition, luxury treatment centers are accustomed to working with high-profile clients. A luxury rehab will be able to meet your privacy needs, in order to ensure that you’re able to focus fully on your recovery. At Capo By The Sea all communications are entirely private, before, during and after recovery.

Although getting involved in the process of recovery can be challenging, seeking treatment at a luxury rehab can make it a bit easier.

Capo By The Sea is a luxury treatment center in Southern California. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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