Sanctuary Lodge

Sanctuary Lodge

By The Fix staff 08/23/17

Sanctuary Lodge provides a well-rounded treatment program that includes medical detox, a residential program and robust aftercare.

Sanctuary Lodge
Location : Hedingham Road Halstead, Essex CO9 2DW United Kingdom
Phone : +44 800 511 8111
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Introduction and Basic Services

Located approximately 100 kilometers northeast of London in the town of Halstead, Sanctuary Lodge is a treatment facility that specializes in medical detox and residential programming for clients struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Founder Eytan Alexander believes that recovery should be accessible to all individuals suffering from substance abuse. To this end, Sanctuary Lodge provides a well-rounded treatment program for men and women that integrates evidence-based therapies, holistic methods and psychoeducation.

Facility and Meals

Situated in picturesque Halstead, Essex, the Sanctuary Lodge facility offers clients a comfortable environment for their recovery experience. Clients enjoy upscale accommodations in a peaceful atmosphere, with the added advantage of bordering a hospital. With 24 clients at a time, the facility offers both a private and communal experience. All bedrooms are equipped with a Plasma TV and WiFi, a double bed, basic furnishings and stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The facility is also equipped with an on-site physical fitness center, several therapy rooms, common rooms for relaxation, expansive gardens and an outdoor grilling area. In addition, there is a park situated a short walk away and many hiking trails nearby.

Sanctuary Lodge employs a full-time chef and catering staff. The team provides healthy and tasty menus, and accommodate dietary preferences and restrictions.

Treatment Protocol and Team

Upon admission, clients undergo an assessment with a clinical psychiatrist. If deemed necessary, Sanctuary Lodge will provide on-site detox. This process typically lasts between five and seven days. The psychiatrist can prescribe medication if needed, and the client receives around-the-clock medical supervision.

Sanctuary Lodge provides individualized programs that utilize both evidence-based methods as well as a variety of complementary therapies. Clients engage in individual and group sessions facilitated by therapists trained in CBT, DBT, the 12-step approach, Motivational Interviewing (MI), as well as psychoeducation classes emphasizing stress reduction, relapse prevention and addiction education. In addition, the facility provides holistic methods like art therapy, spiritual counseling, exercise, nutrition, meditation, massage and acupuncture. Clients also participate in EMDR therapy to treat past trauma.

Sanctuary Lodge incorporates aftercare as a significant aspect of the success of long-term recovery. When clients leave Sanctuary Lodge they are provided with 12 months of free aftercare, helping them maintain their recovery.

The Sanctuary Lodge team is comprised of a psychiatrist, therapists, certified counselors, addiction specialists, a nursing team and support team.

Bonus Amenities

Sanctuary Lodge strives to provide a fun atmosphere, and occasionally arranges sporting activities to encourage unity as well as social interaction. In addition, clients go on group outings off-site to local cafes in Halstead.


Sanctuary Lodge provides a well-rounded treatment program that includes medical detox, a residential program and robust aftercare. The curriculum is rooted in a combination of evidence-based therapies, holistic methods and psychoeducation. This is a great option for clients in the UK seeking a comprehensive program, upscale accommodations and quality, experienced staff.

Sanctuary Lodge

Hedingham Road

Halstead, Essex CO9 2DW

United Kingdom

+44 800 511 8111

[email protected]

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