Sabino Recovery

Sabino Recovery

By The Fix staff 08/09/17

Sabino Recovery offers a co-ed residential treatment program in Tucson, Arizona that focuses on alcohol and drug addiction as well as sleep disorders and a number of different forms of trauma.

Sabino Recovery
Location : 8505 E Ocotillo Dr Tucson, AZ 85750
Phone : (844) 227-7014
Price : $47,000 (35 days)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : No
Detox : Yes

Introduction and Basic Services

Sabino Recovery offers a co-ed residential treatment program in Tucson, Arizona that focuses on alcohol and drug addiction as well as sleep disorders and a number of different forms of trauma. Jack O’Donnell, Nancy Jarrell O’Donnell, Pat Manley and Thomas Isbell founded the facility in 2015.

Facility and Meals

A number of meditative sitting areas are available in the facility’s courtyard, with views of the Pueblo-style 100-acre campus. A large swimming pool sits in the backyard, with stunning views of rolling green fields and the adjacent Sonoran Desert’s Catalina Mountains. There is an outdoor fire pit for night-time chatting and relaxation.

Living quarters, which house up to 50 residents, are connected to but independent of one another, ensuring that clients have the level of space they desire for their recovery. The facility’s gender-specific, semi-private rooms have large windows, air conditioning, double beds and separate wardrobes. Private bathrooms have showers with rain showerheads.

The dining area is rustic and peaceful, with a large fireplace roaring in the background. Nearby is a living area called the Branding Room, which offers another ranch-style, fireplace-backed space. There is an on-site gym with strength machines, yoga supplies and a weightlifting area.

An Internet café offers TVs (though use of these is limited to certain times) and an area from which residents can call or email their family and friends. During specific hours, residents may use their own laptops.

The on-site chef prepares a number of nutrient-rich meals and comfort food for clients all made from fresh ingredients, including the popular sushi rolls. Coffee is also available.

Smoking and chewing tobacco are allowed in designated areas (though pre-rolled cigarettes must be brought by the client), as are e-cigarettes (the e-juice must be sent straight to the rehab from its vendor). Cell phones are allowed but will be placed in a locker with use permitted based on therapist approval.

Treatment Protocol and Team

Treatment lasts 35 days but can be extended. Detox is available under the care of staff nurses, though severe cases may be referred to an outside facility.

After intake procedures that design care aimed to address the behavioral symptoms of addiction as well as underlying issues (through the use of discussion as well as blood work), clients begin treatment.

There are a number of forms of psychotherapy utilized including individual and group therapy; EMDR; Somatic Experiencing and psychodrama. Reworking neural pathways, or neuroplasticity, is also a crucial part of the treatment. Sabino Recovery also offers QEEG brain mapping for an additional fee; the process takes a deep look at the organ in order to find the best medical approach to healing as well as identifying undiagnosed learning disabilities and other biological irregularities. Neurofeedback is also available at an extra cost, and works to change brainwaves in order to mold the brain away from maladaptive behaviors and practices. Biofeedback helps clients deal with stress. Esotherapy and CST are also integrated into the holistic treatment practice. CBT is also regularly implemented.

Sleep studies at Sabino Recovery’s sleep lab may be needed if a client is having issues sleeping after withdrawal. Staff includes an RPSGT sleep specialist.

Also on staff are LPCs, a psychiatric physician assistant, an ND, Master’s-level therapists, a neuropath, an art and poetry therapist, a registered nurse, an SEP and a CLC. A psychiatrist is also on-call. The organization’s medical director is a naturopath as well as an allopath, meaning that both Eastern and Western techniques are employed.

Sabino Recovery is not a 12-step based program, though therapists are trained in the 12 steps. Interested clients are able to attend one weekly off-site meeting and may participate in another on-site one.

A family program, which involves group therapy, occurs during the fourth week of treatment.

Aftercare planning is integrated into treatment, with the client and his or her therapist identifying the techniques and tools most useful to the resident and establishing ways to mobilize those things into the client’s home life through an aftercare plan. Those who are interested can be helped in finding home-based 12-step groups and sponsors.

Bonus Amenities

Residents enjoy weekend hikes and daily nature walks in the Arizonan desert. Equine therapy is available on site, as is a climbing wall and a ropes course. Additional adjunctive therapies include massage, shiatsu, acupuncture, outdoor and adventure therapy, yoga and creative therapies.


With 225 days of sunshine a year, Tucson offers a uniquely relaxing locale for rehabilitation from addiction and trauma. Sabino Recovery’s dual focus makes it a unique place for those suffering from co-occurring disorders, and its treatment for sleep issues is unparalleled.

Sabino Recovery

8505 E Ocotillo Dr

Tucson, AZ 85750

(844) 227-7014

Sabino Recovery Cost: $47,000 (35 days). Find Sabino Recovery on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn

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