Ruby Rose Was Defending Sobriety During Infamous French Fry Attack

By John Lavitt 05/18/16

The Orange Is the New Black actress claims that the bartender mocked her hard-earned sobriety, which led to her outburst.

Ruby Rose Was Defending Sobriety During Infamous French Fry Attack

Ruby Rose says she was mocked for being sober at the New Orleans restaurant she was kicked out of last Friday night. The Australian actress, who played the tough, tattooed Stella Carlin in Season 3 of Orange Is the New Black, made headlines over the weekend after she reportedly threw french fries at the waitstaff at Rebellion Bar and Urban Kitchen, getting her entire crew booted from the restaurant. 

According to the owner of the establishment, Seung Hong, Rose was agitated by the restaurant's slow service on a busy Friday night, which Hong said he warned the group about beforehand. The situation escalated to where Rose threw a handful of fries at a bartender, who she "cursed out," at which point Hong asked them to leave. "She was having like a tantrum. She was awful," Hong told "It was the first time I've ever had to ask someone to leave, and it was Ruby Rose."

In a Facebook post, Rose revealed her side of the story, claiming her outburst was provoked by the bartender, who she said mocked her for being sober. "When someone makes repeated derogatory jokes about the sobriety I worked so hard to achieve, it's hard not to react emotionally," she wrote. "Every day I learn new lessons about handling cultural and social ignorance. I am deeply regretful to the French fry and I am regretful that I reacted at all. Maybe next time I won’t throw fries, then again, maybe next time that bartender won’t tell someone who is sober to 'go call your f**king sponsor!'"

And while her much publicized "tantrum" may paint her as the customer from hell, the actress, who worked as a server before her acting career took off, said on Instagram, "It hurt my heart to think people would ever think I'd be rude to a server." 

"I worked in hospitality for 5 years and I have huge love, respect and admiration for servers around the world and how hard they work," she said in her Facebook post. "I also have mad love for New Orleans and I want to come back 100 times if you will have me."

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