Rooming in Recovery? New Website Connects Sober Roommates Nationwide

By Victoria Kim 08/11/16

MySoberRoommate offers members the opportunity to search and connect with sober roommates, whether you’re looking for a room or want to fill a vacancy.

Rooming in Recovery? New Website Connects Sober Roommates Nationwide

A new website is changing the way people in recovery search for roommates., which launched in June, was created by addiction therapist Jesse Sandler, LCSW, who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy, and his partner, Dr. Emily Churg.

Members can search and connect with sober roommates through the website, whether you’re looking for a room or want to fill a vacancy in your own place. Sandler, who is based in Los Angeles, said he was inspired to create a website “that takes the stigma away” from addiction recovery, where likeminded sober people can connect with one another. “I would sit with my clients in my office and we’d go on the Internet, and there was nothing out there like this,” he said on The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast in July. “I was shocked to see that.”

Part of Sandler's role as an addiction therapist involves working with clients as they transition from rehab to a sober living to their own place. The challenge, then, is to find a likeminded roommate who is also dedicated to sobriety. “Oftentimes, you’re not in your home state or you’re not in the same city that you were in before,” which could make it difficult to connect with the local recovery community, Sandler told host Lee Davy.

“One of the most important components in maintaining sobriety is your living environment. When people in recovery move out of rehab or sober living facilities, the worst thing they can do is go back to the toxic living environments they were in before they got clean,” Sandler told “The second worst thing is to live with people who are actively using. And the third is to live alone, which breeds isolation.”

The best way to improve one’s chances of staying sober is to surround oneself with people who are committed to recovery. “If you’re living with people who are still doing the same old stuff, you’re most likely gonna fall into those old patterns,” he said.

So far, the website has already attracted nearly 1,000 members in just two months. And professionals in the recovery field are already seeing it gain traction among clients.

"Several of my colleagues have reached out and told me that their clients used MySoberRoommate to successfully find a roommate," Sandler told The Fix via email. And the response has been good so far. "We have received emails from several members telling us that they had a positive experience using the site." 

MySoberRoommate is currently working on gathering stories about the “best bad experiences with a non-sober roommate” for an upcoming YouTube series. Sandler says he and his team are planning to release the short video reenactments in the next few months.

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