Relationship Building Meets Cutting Edge Medicine

By The Fix staff 01/06/20

While residential treatment is not a one-size-fits-all experience, clients at Ardú can expect to make positive connections with staff members at every level of treatment.

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Amy McAllister is the Director of Nursing at Ardú Recovery Center in Provo, Utah. Like all of the staff members we have interacted with at Ardú Amy is clearly passionate about the work she does! She is also in recovery, herself, and she openly shares about her journey with the clients she serves. This month we spoke with Amy to learn more about what is happening at Ardú Recovery Center, and what makes it stand out as a leader in addiction care. 

The cutting edge medical care provided by Ardú is perhaps its most defining characteristic, but a closer look reveals that another unique aspect of the services they provide is the very personal approach taken with client engagement. Amy stands as an example of this. As a dedicated nursing staff member she courageously opens herself up on a personal level every day to clients who walk through the doors of Ardú.

Making Positive Connections

We asked Amy if she could share what makes the Ardú approach to addiction treatment so special/unique from a nursing perspective? Her answer, "Ardú is unique in so many ways, but one of the things I made sure to build into our culture from the beginning is the involvement of medical staff with our clients." This begins from the minute a client walks in the doors of Ardú to the moment they leave. The flourishing alumni program allows support and engagement to continue after treatment for as long as a client desires.

While residential treatment is not a one-size-fits-all experience, clients at Ardú can expect to make positive connections with staff members at every level of treatment. Many suffering from addiction often experience an overwhelming sense of detachment and isolation. The team at Ardú strives to build clients up and work to reconnect them to the world. Having the support of staff members who are in recovery, such as Amy, who stand as living examples of what recovery can look like makes a huge difference in a client’s journey. 

A tangible example of how the Ardú program helps foster reconnection is their popular monthly camping trip. Amy spoke enthusiastically about this event, "Once a month we take the clients on a 3-day camping adventure and I look forward to participating in that trip all month long. I think it's important for our clients to see all of us outside of Ardú, working a program, challenging ourselves, and having sober fun. Our clients know me by name, know my story and know how much I care about them!"

Personal Experience

Amy also wanted to share how the work she does at Ardú has impacted her on a personal level. She explains, “Working at Ardú has created a special opportunity to help people who've followed my story over the years through a blog I write and then sought help - either for themselves or for their loved ones. Interestingly enough, I've found I don't write as much this year as I used to. The daily check-ins and associations with our amazing clients who are putting feet to the pavement every single day have strengthened my own recovery in ways I couldn't have fathomed. It's a special kind of warrior that chooses to go into battle with their addictions and it's incredibly humbling to stand on the front lines with them.”

Those of us in recovery would likely echo the feelings expressed by Amy. Sometimes people leave you with a general feeling after your interactions with them. What struck me about Amy was a disarming level of gratitude and empathy, both of which generally seem to come more to those who humbly persevere through struggles and who can listen to someone who is suffering, in this case someone who is suffering from the impact of addiction.

I asked Amy for a final thought that she might have on the relationships she’s built with clients and staff members at Ardú Recovery Center. Her words, “Our clients inspire me and all of our staff to be better, fight harder , and love deeper and I feel like the luckiest nurse in the world to do what I get to do every day."

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