Rebel Wilson Speaks Out About Drink Being Spiked At Nightclub

By Keri Blakinger 03/14/16

The Pitch Perfect actress took to Twitter to address the incident, telling her followers to always be mindful of their drinks in party environments.

Rebel Wilson Speaks Out About Her Drink Being Spiked At Nightclub
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Stand-up comedian and actress Rebel Wilson is known for being funny, but last week she sent out a flurry of tweets that touched on a pretty serious issue.

The Australian Pitch Perfect actress took to social media last Thursday to warn women to be careful when they’re out partying. “Hey guys, but especially to all the girls out there, please be super careful about what you drink when out at clubs and bars at night,” she wrote on Twitter.

Wilson described in a series of tweets how she suspected that she’d been drugged in a nightclub after she began feeling disoriented after one drink. She found her way home soon after and woke up the next morning feeling awful, she said. “I had one drink last night at a trendy club which I believe may have been spiked with something. I felt super tired and disoriented,” she continued.

Wilson, who has been promoting her new film, The Brothers Grimsby, says she was lucky she managed to leave the party early enough to avoid a potentially worse outcome. “Lucky for me, I only drank 1/3 of the drink and realized something wasn't quite right in time to get home before it really hit me.”

The comedian did not speculate on what her drink may have been spiked with, but common date rape drugs include roofies (Rohypnol), GHB (gamma hydroxybutyric acid), and ketamine, which all have the disorienting effect on unsuspecting victims that Wilson described in her post. “I got home safely but woke up this morning feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. I never thought that would happen to me, but if it does…please act as soon as you feel something strange and get yourself to safety.”

Although the perception is that women are most commonly the targets of spiked drinks, men are targeted as well. In 2013, adventurer and reality star Ben Fogle said that he had a “full-on psychotic episode” and tried to jump out of a window after drinking no more than half a bottle of wine at a country pub. Fogle spent 12 hours in the hospital and later said he suspected his drink had been spiked with LSD, according to The Daily Mirror.

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