'Pro-Anorexia' Scales With Infamous Kate Moss Quote Pulled From British Stores

By May Wilkerson 04/04/16

Britain's B&M Bargains is in hot water after a photo of the now infamous scales was posted to Facebook by an outraged customer.

'Pro-Anorexia' Scales With Infamous Kate Moss Quote Pulled From British Stores
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A British chain store has responded to overwhelming criticism by pulling a line of bathroom scales from its shops that feature a “pro-anorexia” Kate Moss slogan.

Mashable reports that B&M Bargains will no longer carry the “novelty” bathroom scales, which feature Moss’ infamous quote, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” The product first began generating controversy last week after Rachel May Shevlin posted a photo of the scales to Facebook.

The scales were criticized for potentially triggering eating disorders. “How lovely to see the phrase I said to my teenage/young adult self,” wrote Shevlin, “that also led to me calling myself a 'fat, disgusting waste of oxygen' often before self-harming just because I had dinner, sold in their shops ON FRICKIN SCALES so other impressionable young minds can suffer the same self hatred.”

Facebook users responded to the photo with outrage. One person referred to the scales as “the most irresponsible thing ever.” Another commented, “Great idea B&M, sell a set of scales with a well-known pro-ana slogan. Fuck sake.”

UK eating disorder charity Beat also jumped into the fray. Its spokesperson told Mashable that the scales were “irresponsible” and declared that “young people struggling with an eating disorder are fighting a tough enough battle as it is without thoughtless retailing such as this which can make it even harder.”

In response, a B&M spokesperson informed Mashable via e-mail that "we have asked the supplier to withdraw this particular quotation from this range of novelty £3.99 weighing scales." However, they did not indicate whether B&M will continue selling the current stock of the scales.

In June 2014, Toronto-based clothing company Hudson’s Bay Co. pulled a line of t-shirts that bore the same slogan. The quote was shown inside a faux nutrition label that had the calorie count listed as zero.

The shirt designer, Christopher Lee Sauve, released a statement explaining that “like all of my designs, it’s a glorified warning, an ode to the farcicality of the fashion industry and the obsessives that surround it … I fully understand and comprehend the severity of an eating disorder and I do not condone celebrating such pain.” But while he apologized for upsetting anyone, Sauve said that “I believe wholeheartedly in my work ... and I can’t apologize for that.”

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