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By The Fix staff 08/08/17

Privé Swiss provides effective clinical care for mental health challenges in a private and luxurious setting with unparalleled service and attention.

Prive Swiss
Location : Southern California & Connecticut Shoreline (Addresses upon inquiry)
Phone : (323) 697-7278
Price : $88,000 - $120,000 (30 days)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : No
Detox : No

Introduction and Basic Services

­­Privé Swiss provides effective clinical care for mental health challenges in a private and luxurious setting with unparalleled service and attention. With over 20 years of counseling and lifestyle coaching under her belt, founder Heidi Kunzil opened Privé Swiss in 2008. Her experience includes decades of one on one treatment with executives, entertainers, athletes and other high profile professionals. There are two locations, one in Southern California and the other along the Connecticut shoreline. Ms. Kunzil holds dual citizenships in the US as well as Switzerland. She brings the calm and healing properties of the Swiss Alps to the beaches of America.

Privé Swiss offers intensive two to three week fully individualized programs in addition to longer stays, which all focus on depression, anxiety, bi-polar, trauma and executive burn out. Substance use issues are addressed at Privé Swiss but it does not deem itself an addiction rehab.

Facility and Meals

Private suites are available in either location and only one to three residents are on site at the same time, making for plenty of personalized attention for each client. Decks and patios dot the properties, spilling light and soft breeze wherever they touch. Residents can expect high-end amenities and luxury accommodations.

Since this treatment network is designed for the busiest of clientele, cell phones and laptops are permitted in order for residents to maintain professional and personal responsibilities remotely.

A gourmet, top of the line chef prepares meals for clients. Nutrition is emphasized as part of the healing process.

Treatment Protocol and Team

The typical Privé Swiss client is one who has achieved financial success but lost themselves along the way. Privé Swiss seeks to help them find the path again. All therapy at Privé Swiss is one on one—there are no groups.

Each house has two companions on site to tend to the client’s every need and desire. Executive coaching and career counseling are provided. All coaches are required to have a minimum of 15 years of sobriety and an average of 20 plus years of experience. All doctors are private professionals within the community. As addiction is not treated at Privé Swiss, 12-step meetings or programming is not facilitated.

Bonus Amenities

If residents are staying longer than four weeks, they are invited to bring a dog along as a companion. Couples may come together and maintain their privacy since the facility is so intimate. Yoga and acupuncture are offered and a private fitness studio on the water awaits residents at the Connecticut location.

Privé Swiss has put together a program that is designed for the most high functioning members of society who need guidance while struggling with mental health issues.

One on one, elite coaching and healing are the hallmarks of a stay at Privé Swiss. For the individual accustomed to upscale surroundings and the finest amenities available, this is the destination to help relax, re-center and reinvigorate.

Privé Swiss

Southern California & Connecticut Shoreline (Addresses upon inquiry)

(323) 697-7278

[email protected]

Privé Swiss Cost: $88,000 - $120,000 (30 days)

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