Police Ask Drunk Man's Facebook Friends for Help Getting Him Home

By Bryan Le 03/20/17

The intoxicated man was too drunk to remember his own address. 

The selfie a police officer took to prove his identity.
The responding officer proves he's legit with a selfie. Photo via Twitter

Unable to find out where a lost drunk man lived, police officers in Wales got on the man’s Facebook chat to ask his friends for help getting him home.

The man, named Cameron, had been denied entry to a club for being too drunk and decided to stumble on home. Police officers spotted him and attempted to help him get home, but in his stupor, Cameron could not remember his address.

Thinking on his feet, one of the officers got on Cameron’s smartphone, found a Facebook group chat and asked Cameron’s friends for help. 

“Hello it’s the police on Cameron’s phone,” the officer wrote. “He is very drunk and we are dropping him home. He does not know what number Woodville Road he lives on.”

The group chat came to their friend's rescue and gave the officer the correct house address, but some members of the group wondered if it was a real police officer or a prankster fooling around on Cameron’s phone. 

“Why would they put it on the pres poosay,” one member typed, referring to the name of the chat group. “And 'the police' didn’t capitalise the ‘h’ on he.”

In response, the officer snapped a selfie with his face and uniform in full view. “f*** me dead, it’s legit,” one of the shocked chat members responded.

The officer also changed Cameron’s nickname on the group chat to “Such a VIP he has a Police escort” to mark the occasion. One of Cameron’s friends said the nickname will stay for “eternity.”

A screen shot of the incident has been posted on Twitter with the caption “so last night the police interrupted our group chat in the most spectacular way.”

Drunkenness and social media don't always mesh so humorously. A self-proclaimed pothead princess tweeted “2 drunk 2 care” before killing two people in a wrong-way collision. At the time of the collision, the 20-year-old had a blood alcohol content that was double the legal limit. 

Another drunk driver angrily texting her boyfriend crashed into a truck, injuring the driver and killing the passenger. The incriminating text that helped prosecutors put her away read “driving drunk woo ... I’ll be dead thanks to you ... lata.”

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