Pharma Company Offers Every U.S. High School Free Carton Of Narcan Nasal Spray

By John Lavitt 01/26/16

The effort by Adapt Pharma is being done in conjunction with the Clinton Foundation.

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Adapt Pharma will offer all high schools in the United States a free carton of Narcan nasal spray for opioid overdose. Part of two national programs announced at the Clinton Health Matters Initiative Activation Summit on Monday, January 25, the goal is to assist in efforts to address the growing risk of opioid overdose among American high-school students. An initiative of the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Health Matters Initiative presently is focusing its work to back national efforts to provide universal naloxone access.

Seamus Mulligan, chairman and CEO of Adapt Pharma, Ltd., a pharmaceutical company based in Ireland, explained the importance of this program when he said, “We understand the crucial role schools can play to change the course of the opioid overdose epidemic by working with students and families. We also want every high school in the country to be prepared for an opioid emergency by having access to a carton of NARCAN Nasal Spray at no cost.”

As the pharmaceutical makers behind the treatment regimen, Adapt Pharma will offer a free carton of Narcan (naloxone hydrochloride) nasal spray to all high schools in the United States. The cartons will be made available through the state departments of education. In addition, the second program being offered by Adapt Pharma is the provision of a grant to the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) to support their educational efforts concerning opioid overdose education materials. NASN has expressed full support of both the use of Narcan nasal spray and further educational efforts.

NASN President Beth Mattey pointed out that school nurses act as first responders in the school setting, “We educate our students, families, and school staff about prescription drug and substance abuse, and help families seek appropriate treatment and recovery options. Having access to naloxone can save lives and is often the first step toward recovery. We are taking a proactive approach to address the possibility of a drug overdose in school.”

As the only FDA approved, ready-to-use, needle-free nasal spray version of naloxone hydrochloride, Narcan nasal spray is the latest cutting edge emergency treatment of opioid overdose. Although not a substitute for emergency medical care, the immediate treatment drug is designed to save lives in the face of the national epidemic of opioid overdoses. Previously, naloxone was only approved in injectable forms, most commonly delivered by syringe or auto-injector. To learn more, call 844-4-NARCAN.

Update 4/29/2016: for more information about how your state and local school district can participate in the NARCAN® Nasal Spray High School Program and to obtain a free carton for your local school, please visit: or call 1-844-4NARCAN® (462-7226).

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